September 28, 2012


Happy Friday, friends.
I think I'm way past due to play the glad game.

I am glad for the following... 

> being challenged, and learning, at work.
> wearing my favorite sweater for the first time.
> a few really good, meaningful conversations that made me think.
> a really sweet, honest, and encouraging email from a new blog friend.
> tortilla soup for lunch {El Vaquero, there is a place in Pittsburgh that could give you a run for your money}.
> I'll soon be sleeping in my own bed, and not be kept awake by loud hotel neighbors {seriously, 4 of the 5 nights here... ugh}
> the white noise app on my iphone I found this week {it came in handy at 12am, 1am & 2am... I'm not bitter ;)}.
> the bottle of wine I brought with me this week {see above two}.
> going to bed last night knowing I'll see my Mr. tomorrow.
> this view on my way into Pittsburgh Sunday night.

What are you glad for?
Have a wonderful weekend, friends.

September 27, 2012


Just a few images that are getting me excited for fall clothes...
and making me want to shop {don't tell my husband}.
I love every single thing in every single one of these images... 
except maaaybe the shoes in the eighth outfit.
I'm still deciding about those.

{shoes...yes or no?}
{sources here >>> pinterest}


I wish both of these dresses would just magically appear in my closet...
but I would even be happy with just one.

{both images via Pinterest}

September 24, 2012


Hey there, hi there. I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. We had a wonderful time in Cleveland Friday night at our friends' engagement party. {Congrats again, LB and BP!} Then Sunday afternoon I hit the road for Pittsburgh again... making it to the hotel just in time to see the red carpet arrivals for the Emmys. And boy was it chilly when I stepped out of my car. Fall has most definitely arrived.

Finish this sentence: When fall is in the air, I get excited for ______________.
I would answer it like this:

candy corn 
apple cider
my Minnetonkas
pumpkin flavored everything...
+ sweaters

Based on my recent posts, I think you can probably tell fall fashion is on my mind. And there is nothing better than a cream chunky knit or slouchy sweater. I have a mild obsession. At one point way back, I had too many to count. But over the years {after cutting myself off from buying more} my collections has whittled itself down to nothing. We need to remedy that. 

one. / two.three. / four. /

The below Free People sweater is my favorite, but unfortunately it's from a previous season and even my super-human-google-shopping-skills can't locate it.

September 21, 2012


Eventually I’m going to get through all of the pictures we took with our phones and camera, and do a Portland post full of all sorts of recommendations for when you go there! I know you’re dying of anticipation… but for now, here is a bit of our trip to Seattle and Portland – according to my instagram {and the Mr’s}.

Happy weekend, friends.  We just arrived in Cleveland to go on a party boat {I’m on a boat!} for our good friends’ engagement celebration {Yay, LB and Brian!}.  I hope you all have a wonderful few days! As LB would say – Holla!

September 19, 2012


I love to read {always have}, but the last few years I just haven't done much of it.
Over the summer I read the Fifty Shades trilogy {I'm only slightly embarrassed to admit it},
but I'm not sure that really counts.
I really want to start reading again, but I desperately need recommendations.

I know I want to purchase oh joy's new book, Blog INC...
but beyond that, I'm sort of at a loss.

Below are a few books I've heard buzz about recently.
If you have a moment, I would love any recommendations in the comment section below.

{Blog INC by Joy Cho}

{A Wanted Man by Lee Child}

{A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness}

{Sutton by J.R. Moehringer}

September 18, 2012


Pants.  I don't wear them.  I think it's a combination of these things: First, I have an aversion to dress pants.  I think I am still getting over having to buy and wear true business casual attire, way back in the day when I had an office job.  Second, I think it's hard to find flattering pants. 

So, I was pretty excited when more casual, "non-officey" pants started showing up.  Especially in shapes and cuts more flattering for us average size gals.  I basically spent the spring and summer trying to find a pair of harem pants.  For those of you born around the same time I was, the new version is not the same harem pants we had back in the day {not exactly "hammer pants"}.  I'm also not sure "harem" is the right term... I haven't been shopping for "true" harem pants with the drop rise that is around your knees {Zara actually has a few of these}.  I just want a pair of  slouchy, comfy, tapered-ankle, crop pants.  Preferably in a tribal print... and preferably under $75 or so, because I don't like to spend a lot on trendy pieces. Hmmm... maybe a bit too many criteria?  

Other big trends for pants right now are palazzo pants {wide leg} and prints.  Basically, whether harem or palazzo, we all just want to feel like we are wearing pajama bottoms.  I can totally get behind that.

And last, but certainly not least, I can't talk about pants without giving Zara due credit.  They really do have the best selection of pants. I have been wanting a pair of cropped trousers from Zara for a few seasons now.  How cute is the bottom right pair {#12}?  I would wear those with everything.  Too bad everything at Zara sells out before I can hit the "add to basket" button.  Zara, when are you coming to Columbus, Ohio?   

HAREM: 1. Urban Outfitters $49 lounge pant // 2. T-Bags $145 satin pants
3. Forever 21 {exact pair no longer available} // 4. Free People $98 tempting, if they were a bit more neutral
PALAZZO: 5. Joie $134.97 on sale at Piperlime // 6. Joie Ikat Aryn Pants {sold out} 
7. Zara $59.95 satin trousers  // 8. Anthropologie $98
CROPPED: 9 - 12. all Zara pants

September 17, 2012


Animal sweaters.  No, not animal as in leopard print.  We're talking about animal motif, like a wolf or a bunny on the front of your sweater.  Yep... just keep reading. While animal motifs have been in for a few years now, it's typically been more of a small all-over print... like little cats all over your dress that could just be any old graphic print from far away, like the two items below. {I actually have the bird print blouse on the left. My blouse, and the cat print dress on the right, are from Asos}

I'm sure some of you have worn an animal face on a sweater... when you were five.  I don't recall for certain, but I had to have one when I was little, right Mom?  I bet I had one with a unicorn on it.  It's kind of funny that an item that would immediately be seen as a fashion don't {as something an adult should simply not wear}, is now suddenly seen as cool and trendy.

 clockwise from left: Asos Tiger Sweater $52 // Aritzia Talula Zev Horse Sweater $80 {can't find it, but kind of want it} //
Mulberry Tiger Intarsia Sweater $670 { $$$? yeah, right!} // Zara Wolf Sweater {no longer avail.} // Paul & Joe Sister Cats Knit Pullover $280

clockwise from left:  JCrew French Hen Sweater $95 // Peter Jensen for Urban Outfitters Deer {no longer available} // 
Aubin &Wills Fox Intarsia Sweater $215 // Peter Jenson Fox Intarsia Sweater $285 // Peter Jensen for Urban Outfitters Bunny {no longer available}

I'm not sure how I feel about some of the more quirky & whimsical ones {the french hen, deer, or bunny}, but I would wear one with a bit more edge {the wolf, or tiger}.  I also like the horse sweater... and the bottom right fox.  So what do you think?  Are you on board, or have you lost all faith in me now that I've posted about bunny sweaters?

September 14, 2012


Two posts in one day?
I just had to pop back in to wish you all a wonderful weekend... 
{Have a wonderful weekend!}
and to share a few things I came across this week.

We had a major cold front blow in this afternoon, and it feels like fall in Columbus.
It's making me crave candy corn, and apple cider... 
cozy sweaters, and pumpkin donuts.

this stop motion video just made me smile {"Lost Things" from Angela and Ithyle}
found via Amanda Jane Jones

the most beautiful blog post from one of my favorite new-to-me blogs

Emerson Fry can do no wrong... sigh... dreaming of this coat

 I want to make eat these pumpkin donuts right now

the Mr. needs this OSU tee

I don't think there is a single red item in my closet, 
but I wish this Parker blouse could be the first


I've been wanting a new bag for a while now.  I'm not really one to constantly swap bags for my outfit {I used to do that, but I always forgot something in the previous bag}.  I tend to carry the same one or two bags until they have fallen apart.  Case in point - the long strap broke off my beloved Foley + Corinna tote when we were in Portland last week.  I might write them to see if they'll send me a new strap, but even then - my pretty F + C is starting to move a bit past being the good type of worn in.  

I'm lucky to have a few beautiful designer bags {my late F + C being one of them}, all courtesy of the boutique I used to manage.  I think a good bag can be worth the money... an investment piece... a wardrobe staple.  I don't know about thousands of dollars, but hundreds? Sure, I could see spending that... if I had it to spend.  

Below are some examples of what I would like to find.  Maybe one of them will go on sale?  So far, even the vintage or handmade versions I've found on Etsy are priced a bit north of my budget.    Not that they aren't worth every penny, I just don't have that many pennies to spend.  Maybe you know the perfect bag for me?

1. Free People $398  //  2. Frye $448  //  3. Madewell $168  //  4. Topshop $160
5. found on tumblr, so alas - I don't know the brand. I love the classic style with updated details.

September 12, 2012


Nicole Richie's line for Macy's launched today.  I have a few pieces of her designer line, Winter Kate {pieces I found on mega sale - a dress and peasant top}.  I definitely think the Macy's line has the same feel as her main line, only much more affordable.  It's that same mix of bohemian, rock-n-roll, and modern.  There is a dress I have my eyes on ordered for our friends' upcoming wedding reception... and at that price I'm not sure I can pass it up , I don't even feel guilty.

September 11, 2012


Hi. Hello there!  Did you miss me?  What's that... you didn't notice I was gone?  Well, Bailey missed me!  We are spending a little quality time on the couch together this morning working through a list of things {don't judge that I obviously still have my sweats on}.  Things like opening the pile of mail, paying bills {blah!}, replying to emails, and catching up on my favorite blogs.  Oh, and uploading all of the pictures we took on our trip! I promise to edit them down and not bombard you with all of them.

{he even loves the remote when he's sleeping}

I felt really bad for the Mr. this morning when he had to get up and head to work at 8am {5am in Seattle + Portland, where we spent the last 10 days, and had finally acclimated to the time difference}.  Israel, I promise to be all sorts of productive today while you are at work... unpacking and laundry will happen...  right after I'm done spending some quality time on the couch with Bailey.  Much later this afternoon.

While I work, I'm listening to the new album by The Tallest Man On Earth, thanks to Jessica.

September 1, 2012


Hello there. I am writing this from high in the sky, en route to Portland. How cool is it that there is WiFi on planes... I mean, crazy.

Yesterday was a little hectic, but not nearly as bad as I had anticipated. I arrived home from my week working in Pittsburgh around 4pm, and my Mr. arrived home shortly after. {Man, how I missed him.} Just after that, my mom arrived for the night to help. It had a super calming effect on me to have her there as I unpacked, repacked, and did some laundry. And she helped with all of the above. I just held up this shirt or that shirt, and my mom would say yay or nay.  I had a goal of being in bed by 10pm, and was shocked that we actually almost made it; it was lights out at 10:30pm. I had this goal because we had a 6:50am flight, which meant leaving for the airport by 5am, and my alarm sounding at 4:15am. Ugh. Hard to feel sorry for me as I'm flying to Portland for vacation, right? Yeah, It's ok... I wouldn't feel sorry for me either.

Thank you, Mom... for coming to Columbus to help keep me sane, and for waking up at the crack of dawn to take us to the airport. And thank you in advance to my fabulous friend, Carrie, {and Mom,  again} for checking in on our little man - Bailey.

I'm not sure if I'll have the chance to post this week. Since it's vacation, I'm going to try to unplug myself a bit. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend, and week!