March 17, 2013


Blogger has been oh-so good to me, but I'm excited to announce that Lovely + Rust is now at!  Yippee! Please bookmark the new site, and stick with me while I figure out how to navigate wordpress.

March 15, 2013


Happy Friday, friends!
I haven't been very good about instagram or twitter lately...
and when I started gathering what few instagram pics I had, 
I realized it appears all we do is drink and eat! 
Now, while there is a fair share of that going on...
I assure you, it's not all that we do.
Apparently, just all we do worth documenting (*wink wink).

Work hard.  Play hard.

Have a wonderful weekend full of playing.

a little on the above...

the talented Mr. Israel Martin (that'd be my husband) // a wonderful evening with friends
a high school football pic of my Mr. that makes me smile daily // breakfast at one of our fav places
Bailey has rediscovered the faucet // World of Beer
a rare occurrence = being able to make it to Friday happy hour = the Mr. headed into our standby
The Pearl for my mom's wonderful birthday dinner  // guest blogging for Capital Style
the Mr. has perfected our favorite drink // a fire + Moscow Mule + friends in town
a perfect Sunday evening is being able to sit on a patio // jeni's ice cream (my new pick is pistachio)
brunch tacos at Local Cantina // photo shoots require comfy clothes

March 13, 2013


I blogged about finding a leather tote back in September.  At the time, I basically just wanted a leather tote as my new handbag.  I have yet to make that purchase - and it's a good thing, because now I need a tote for work and I've realized I need something a bit different!  Something I can load up with lots of stuff and not worry about the handles breaking... something I can throw on the floor at work, or at a photo shoot, and not worry about it getting dirty. 

What do you think?  Do you have other suggestions?  I've been searching and searching.  All of these (with the exception of the last three) are waxed canvas, which I love, but as you can see below they can get pretty pricey.  I adore the Filson tote, but I'm just not sure it's big enough to fit my laptop and everything else I'd want to toss in there.  The L.L. Bean and Lands End bags are definitely a good quality and value, but are they too preppy for me?  Or maybe just classic?  I do like that you can customize your own at L.L Bean, by choosing strap colors, adding a zipper, etc. 

Oh... the big decisions in life.

Stanley & Sons ($207) | Filson (leather straps: $110, tin cloth: $90) | Artifact Bag Co ($145) 
Strawfoot Handmade ($198) | L.L. Bean (sz large starts at $32.95) | Lands End ($37.50) | Carhartt (?)

March 4, 2013


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  A few of our friends were in town for a comedy show.  The show was great and afterward we made moscow mules, had a fire, and stayed up late (later than this old gal has been up in a long time).  It was pretty perfect, and so nice to catch up with friends.

I couldn't come up with a clever way to transition into today's topic... boyfriend jeans.  So, that was my non-transition transition.  The first time they were a "big" thing (about 4 years ago?) I snatched up a cheap pair at forever 21, and I wore them all the time.  Gradually they sort of made their way to the bottom of my jean stack.  Recently boyfriend jeans are having a resurgence - and that is just fine with me.  I love the laid back, undone look they add to any outfit.  I just need to update my old pair, so I'm on the hunt.

The newest style I have seen is a bit more straight leg and cropped (the two images below).  I suppose you might not even call them "boyfriend jeans".  Either way, I really like them.  They're a bit more classic, and feel fresh and new. 

(image source: one | two | three | four | five | six)

Below are a few options I've come across in my search for a new pair.  And I use the word "options" loosely because some of these are too pricey to actually be options.  I really am liking the more straight, less baggy, cropped without having to be rolled style.  I also like it when they are at least a bit distressed.  

What do you think?  Did you jump on board with this trend the first time around?  Are you now?

(Gap $69.75 // Asos $59 // Genetic Denim $231 // NSF $298 // J. Crew $168 // 7 For All Mankind $225)

March 2, 2013


Sorry I've been completely MIA!  I had one of those crazy weeks at work where you don't have time to check your email or respond to a voicemail.  We've all had them, so I'm not complaning.  Merely explaining my absence.  Thanks so much to all of you who told me you missed L+R, and reached out.  It was so appreciated! 

Today my beautiful mom is celebrating her birthday!  So, this morning I was trying to think of a picture I could share alongside these words, and lo and behold - both of these pics are on our fridge.  Besides my sister, Kate, and I being flipped - it's pretty much the same picture... give or take 30 years (and the beers).

Mom, wishing you the happiest of birthdays. We are all so very lucky and blessed.  The best friend and mom two girls could ask for.  Love you to the moon and back.