April 30, 2012


I don't remember how it began...
We were still in Chicago when it started...
but I think the love has only grown stronger.

Our cat... yep... he loves the remote. 
He will come running if you pick it up...
and likes to be petted with it more than anything in the world.
It's the oddest thing.
We adore him.

Photo credit to the Mr. and his iphone.

April 27, 2012


It was a gray + rainy week here in Ohio, but today the sun is shining. 
I am looking forward to a little time over the next few days to get caught up on things.

These are just a few things I came across this week through the eyes of my laptop.

These Miista platform heels from Urban Outfitters... although I don't know if I could actually walk in them.

In love with the Isleta bedding from Anthropologie, but it's a little north of my price range.

This chevron shower curtain might have to be ours. Even the Mr. likes it.

I really like the retro color and vibe of the RASKOG cart from IKEA. 
It might be the perfect solution to our tiny bathroom space problems.

This strawberry bruschetta recipe via Annie's Eats makes me excited for summer.

Jessica's lovely blog {something concerning everything occurring} always reminds me to take notice of the simple things in life... and to slow down.

Katie's photography is always gorgeous, soft, and often whimsical - over on her blog - Katie's Pencil Box
She finds something beautiful in every. little. thing.

And this post over at The Veda House {where Cassie talks about her crazy list making} reminds me of this post I did. 
I'm a crazy list maker, too!

And one last BIG thank you to Natalie Holbrook of Nat The Fat Rat for helping begin my week with excitement Monday. 
Some of her readers found their way to L&R and left sweet, encouraging comments for me... 
and for that I am very grateful.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

April 26, 2012


I recently met my good friend Carrie for brunch at the Cambridge Tea House
The place was incredibly charming, the service was fabulous, and the food was oh-so delicious!
Carrie had an egg sandwich, fruit, and tea {which they brought in the sweetest little pot}.
I had a mushroom quiche, fruit, and a lemon poppyseed scone with homemade cream + strawberry jam... umm... yep - divine. Oh, and my coffee was wonderful, too {which was extra points since they're a tea house}! 

It was a wonderful way to start the day...
meaningful conversation with a friend, a new place, and homemade food.

Yes, please.

April 25, 2012


I have been lusting after a pair of sandal clogs. This mini obsession started with Swedish Hasbeens - the cult swedish clog that has made quite the resurgence in the last few years; however, Swedish Hasbeens are a few notches above my price range. There is also lovely Nina Z {out of NYC} who I found via Pinterest, and whose prices are more wallet friendly than the former. But then in my searching I stumbled across Lotta from Stockholm... and I knew I had found my clogs.

Lotta and Jonny are a husband and wife team out of England. Their clogs are made by four different manufacturers: Sanita, Torpatoffeln, Moheda + Tizzla {the majority based in Sweden}... and now Lotta from Stockholm exclusives. All of the clogs are handmade and orthopedic {which is wonderful for me since I'm on my feet all day}!

I contacted Lotta from Stockholm and received an email back from Lotta herself. We had a lovely exchange via email and my tan braided clogs were on their way. They arrived Saturday, and I was very nervous they wouldn't fit {rambled about my shoe issues here}... drumroll please... they fit and I adore them! Yay! I see myself wearing these all the time. So much that I might need to order another style soon.

Thank you, Lotta!

{I didn't take a picture of my actual clogs or the clogs on my feet because they are simply not as cute in a size 10. No arguing the facts.}

April 24, 2012


I deserve one of these Pendleton Mac sleeves. You see... 7 or so years ago when I bought my first laptop I really wanted a Mac, but I couldn't afford one, so it was PC for me. I used my PC until it died... and then I kept using it. That constantly-freezing, memory-lacking, had-to-be-plugged-into-the-power-cord-to-work PC. I used it until last week when I finally realized it was no longer irresponsible of me to purchase a new laptop, it was necessary to my mental health... and my husband's. Lovely how I can rationalize my deserving a pretty laptop cover, as if the laptop wasn't enough. I have to protect it, right?

I was thrilled to find this lovely shop on Etsy. Ginny Vyvyam of Timberline Treasures makes these beautiful Pendleton wool sleeves for your Mac laptop or iPad - as well as pillows, pouches, travel cases, and clutches - all in the prettiest Pendleton fabrics.

Ginny has generously offered lovely and rust readers a coupon for free shipping! Simply go to her Etsy shop, choose the cover you can't live without, and use FREESHIP12USA. This coupon code expires April 30th, so no dilly-dallying.

I am trying to decide between the top two + bottom left for myself. What do you think? 

April 22, 2012


I am beyond excited about this week's style muse - Natalie Holbrook of NAT THE FAT RAT!  I could barely contain myself when she sent me this gorgeous photo {taken just for us, by Rebecca Baust of THE DAILY MUSE  - what an honor!}.  She was also sweet enough to answer a few questions below! 

Natalie's super successful blog is always honest, often funny, and refreshingly real.  She writes about her day to day life living in New York City with her husband - Brandon, and baby - Huck {Henry}.  After simply spending few moments reading Natalie's blog you feel as if you know her... like she is an old friend.  She also has the kitchen chairs I am coveting, has a beautiful voice {video here}, and shares my love - aka: growing obsession - for bright lipsticks {some of her suggestions here}.

Thank you, Natalie, for being a l+r style muse!!!
l+r: Who are your style muses?
N: I just love the way Miroslava Duma can carry an outfit. She's a small-boned girl like me, but it never seems to get in her way. I also love me a little Alexa Chung.

l+r: How would you describe your personal style?
N: I am a tee shirt and jeans girl all the way. I like things simple. Clean lines, shoes that border on clompy, and one surprising accessory or color to really set it all off. It's actually pretty funny when I think about it. As a kid I lived for a cinched-in waist and a real twirly skirt, but now I find myself drawn to edgier pieces, a kind of more minimal look. If I'm in a dress it's got to be a real bare, simple dress, or else I feel like I'm in costume.

l+r: Where are your favorite places to shop?
N: I'm a total Madewell girl. If I want a piece that will make me feel effortlessly cool, it's Madewell or bust. When I have a little more to spend I like the Barney's CO-OP. Shopping there makes me feel like the girl I like to pretend I am (but can't actually afford to be!). But my very, very favorite place to shop is Forever 21. Oh I am such a fan of the Forever. Something about "the hunt" really appeals to me. When I leave that place I leave sweaty and cross and irritated with my fellow man. Like I really earned every last thing I bought. hah! I worked for it! Also, my husband was a student for five of the nine years we've been married, so the Forever 21 was literally a life saver for me.

l+r: Are there pieces you find yourself wearing constantly?
N: I've been hitting the colored denim trend real hard. Real, real hard. When Target started making them I practically bought them in bulk. Surprisingly, my yellow pair get the most play. I have to remind myself, "Natalie, you've already worn these twice this week," and then physically force myself to PUT DOWN THE YELLOW PANTS. Otherwise, I'd wear them every day, happily. You know, it's surprising how much of the wardrobe looks really great with a pair of yellow pants.

l+r: You seem to always have fun with your wardrobe and express yourself through your style {which I love}. Have you always liked clothes?
N: Aw, thanks! and yes I have! Funny you ask, we were walking past the American Girl doll shop in midtown last week and I was telling my husband that I can't really remember any of the toys I played with as a kid, but I can remember every. last. one. of my favorite twirly dresses. Dressing up has always been exciting for me. Back to school shopping practically trumps Christmas in my book.

l+r: Any advice for bloggers just starting out?
N: I always tell brand new bloggers to do three things:
1. Make your blog beautiful. Hire a designer if you don't know html. Even if you are your only reader, having a beautiful space to write in will make all the difference. 
2. Take beautiful photos. Even if you just have an old point and shoot, learn how to use it, take time to frame your shots, and run them through iphoto or another photo editing program to adjust exposures and color.
3. Take your blog private for the first month and just WRITE. Write whatever! Write your guys out! No fear! Write and write and write until you find your voice. And then, when you find it, go back and revise and delete. Good writing is so important in a good blog, and sadly overlooked these days. I think so many bloggers just feel intimidated, you know? Taking it private sort of removes the fear, lets you practice, give you confidence. 
I get this question a lot from readers, so I've had time to think it through! hah!

The above photo of Natalie was taken at Alt Summit, and it spread on Pinterest like wildfire {I was one of those pinners!}. How did it feel to be trending on Pinterest, Natalie?

April 20, 2012


A picture is worth a thousand words... 
here is a little on life lately, according to Instagram.

A mustache party...
rugs to covet + enough mid-century modern furniture to make me swoon {at Tiger Tree}...
German Village Coffee Shop - my favorite breakfast place in Columbus...
the "viewing window" of my museum quality sealed wedding dress {crazy!}...
a good friend in town = time spent at our favorite bar - Club 185...
our cat LOVES the remote...
a song I currently can't hear enough of...

Have a wonderful weekend.
I plan on soaking up every moment of mine.
I hope you do the same!

April 19, 2012


If you're visiting lovely and rust for the first time,  I've been trying to be better about posting personal style pictures. That was my intention when this blog began, but it didn't last long as I'm just too self-conscious +  critical of myself in photos... and I just didn't want to have to take a picture of myself every day. For some reason I feel more comfortable snapping a quick photo of myself with my iphone, rather than having the Mr. take a photo of me with the fancy camera. Silly? Probably... but true nonetheless. So, I've been snapping a quick photo of myself at work in the morning, thanks to the fitting room mirror.

I'm also trying to decide whether I should list where the items I'm wearing are from {I did it below this time.}!  Would that be something you care to know in the future?

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! It's a beautiful sunny morning here in Columbus, and it's hard not to be in a good mood. 

{Left to Right}
1. Mike + Chris tunic dress / Paige jeggings in olive / Ax + Apple necklace / Report Marks boots
2. Madewell chambray shirt / Thrifted polka dot skirt + belt / Report Marks ankle boots
3. Malene Birger "Pitina" snake print blouse / H+M crop jeans / Sam Edelman t-strap sandals
4. American Apparel nude maxi skirt / Uniqlo blazer / Fluxus tee / Report Marks ankle boots
5. H+M striped blazer / American Apparel tee / Forever 21 skirt / Dolce Vita "Jax" ankle boots
6. H+M sleeveless top / Three Dots cardigan / Paige jeggings / Dolce Vita wedge sandal

April 18, 2012


On the hunt...

tortoise sunglasses
woven flats

one. Karen Walker $220 / two. 80s purple $14 / three. Asos $21.81 / fourKaren Walker $280 / five. spitfire $35 / six. Fred Flare $14

one. vintage "woodbridge" huarache / two. UO woven skimmer $39 / three. Fossil "Hailey" $79 / four. UO huarache $39 / 
five. vintage huarache / six. Urban UK tan woven flats - 32 pounds

April 17, 2012


Style Muse #4 is lovely lady Tish Miller. I met Tish a few years back during her time at the fabulous Rowe Boutique. She is one of those people you meet and feel like you've known forever. You know... one of those really friendly, positive women that other folks just like to be around. Out of the fashion gals I know, Tish's style is probably the most like mine...only better. Her closet is my dream closet, and I always want every piece of what she has on every time I see her. Tish is a wife and mother; in her words, "Most importantly... I'm a mom to a ridiculously cool 12 year old!" {and I must say, he is too cute}. She now has her own store within a store at Bungalow Home in Powell. Tish buys all of the amazingly cool jewelry you see there. And when I say amazing, I mean I can't allow myself to go in there because I know I would want to make a healthy dent in our house fund.

lar: Who are your style muses or icons?
T: Sienna Miller, Kate Bosworth, Rachel Bilson, and the Olsen twins!

lar: How would you describe your personal style?
T: I love to wear basics and then add great jewelry and accessories to punch up the look I am quite a mix... maybe Classic Tomboy vs California Bohemian. 

Thank you, Tish, for being a style muse! xo

April 16, 2012


How was your weekend, friends? We had good one. I worked on Saturday, but had Friday off... and it was a wonderful, perfect day off. The Mr and I had lunch at Bar Louie - a place that always reminds me of my time living in Chicago because of the way it opens to the outside like many of the bars and restaurants there {I wish more places were like that here in Columbus}. Our food was wonderful and the weather was perfect for sitting outside. 

After stuffing ourselves we walked to North Market and stopped by our friend Brittany's pretzel shop - Brezel. Brittany is from the same little hometown as the Mr and me, and how cool is it that she started her own business. Brezel's hand-rolled Bavarian-style pretzels are simply delicious, so if you're in the Columbus area you must try them! Brittany's manager was sweet enough to pretend I wasn't there and let me snap some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

This was followed by a little shopping at the mall {both trying to find jeans with no luck}, an impromptu dinner at the cutest little place in Gahanna {we were there so the Mr could sell a guitar}, and disc two of a documentary tv series we're watching called Long Way Round. There was even a nap in there somewhere, which I never indulge in, and it was so nice. 

Like I said, a perfect day off.

April 13, 2012


These are just a few things I came across this week through the eyes of my laptop.
Happy weekend, friends!  I hope it's wonderful.

The No6 store...found via Miss Moss.

This new to me blog - eatsleepcuddle, with fabulous photography and recipes. 
And although the author lives in California... she's from Ohio!

I wish I was standing here taking this photo.    

I think I would live in this grey jersey maxi dress by C&C California.

I would kill {not literally} to have either one of these in my closet, but especially the one with brown sleeves.
{photo on left via Vanessa Jackman / photo on right}

Mary Kate McDevitt journal...available for presale here.

The Galileo scarf by scout and catalog.

Dreaming of this sweet potato veggie burger with avocado found via pinterest.

I am not a doormat, doormat. I want this for our front door.

April 12, 2012


Hi. I'm back. Thanks again to my Mr. for filling in yesterday.

Last week I shared a few snapshots of our apartment, part 1 of 2.
Today I'm sharing the second and final round... 

...a few little nooks in our bedroom
...the guest room / music room / the Mr.'s office 
...and our little kitchen, where the Mr. cooks up all sorts of yummy meals like the one he blogged about yesterday.