January 31, 2012


Lately braids are everywhere... television, magazines, and making the rounds on pinterest. I wrote about them here as one of the biggest trends of 2011. It's always interesting to me when something so classic becomes a "trend".

There is something about braids that I have always loved. They always seem so bohemian and romantic to me. I was very tempted to incorporate a braid for our wedding, but in the end I did not. I am dying to learn to fishtail braid my hair. Wouldn't it be amazing if you could braid your own hair like this top image... so lovely it makes me sigh.

image credits:   one / two / three

January 30, 2012


How was your weekend? I hope it was wonderful!

Friday night date night with the Mr. was popcorn + pizza at Studio 35. We had a great time despite the horrible movie. We love Studio 35. 

Saturday morning trip to Cincinnati. The Party Source across the border in Kentucky... where you can choose from hundreds of single beers. Ryan Adams concert = amazing. He can do no wrong in our eyes. Out on the town in Mt. Adams... such a cute area! My first trip to Cincinnati also brought a new favorite beer... Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale. Thank you to Stu for being a gracious host. We had a wonderful time.

Upon arriving home Sunday, we were greeted by my Mom and sister {who had also just arrived from Shelby}. Lunch for our birthdays {which were Jan 10 + 16) because we haven't seen my family since New Year's. We were spoiled with wonderful gifts {among them the vega studs by paper + chain, this alarm clock and iphone case}, and a delicious lunch at The Jury Room. Upon their departure, we napped on the couch for too long... and could have napped longer.

It was a good weekend.

January 27, 2012


I don't remember how it began, because it goes back as long as I can remember. Each year at Thanksgiving my Mom set the turkey wishbone aside to dry out. A few days {or weeks} later my sister and I would pull it apart and make a wish. Whoever got the biggest part of the wishbone got her wish.

And all of this past tense is really incorrect because we still do it to this day.

This year... at Christmas... I won!

Over the years we have both acquired wishbone necklaces. They have a very special meaning to us. Sisters... two halves of a whole. I think my next wishbone necklace needs to be this Georgia Varidakis lucky bones necklace.
My good friend, M, spotted it when we were at the Artists and Fleas market in Brooklyn {thanks, lady!}. I grabbed one of the artist's postcards {for contact info} just in case someone loved me enough to order it for me. Anyone?

January 26, 2012


Scott's Antique Market loot I promised to show you...

Globe... $20.
Mounted cow horns... $5 {such a steal I almost feel like we actually stole them!}
Brass spoons... $1 each.

As a side note - the Mr. and I watched "Green Lantern" last night... don't EVER make the same mistake. Bad. Just bad. 

January 25, 2012


This post is for my sister. While we were on the phone last night, she said that I needed to do an outfit post. According to the big sis, it is fine that I have ventured away from my blog strictly being a style blog {more here}, but I have gotten TOO far away from fashion-related posts. So... this one is for my big sister. Kate, I promise to insert a bit more "fashion, recipes, and personal stuff". Big sisters... they know what they are talking about. 

ps. These are my new-ish Warby Parker glasses {talked about here}. I keep forgetting to do a post on the pair I decided on - the Winston Old Fashioned Fade!

The guest bedroom is still a work in progress, so judge us accordingly. And Bailey really likes to be in outfit posts.

old GAP blazer
Malene Birger henley sweater c/o Leal
Tilo scarf c/o Leal
Paige jeans c/o Leal
Report Marks nude booties

January 24, 2012


Lately I've become a bit obsessed with prints. 
We need a few pieces of art for our apartment. 
The walls are a bit sad. 

These first four prints were found via pinterest... where I find most of my inspiration these days.

{need this for our kitchen!}

The next three prints are from Against The Woodgrain on Etsy. 
I can't decide which one I need, so I might need all three.

Urban Outfitters Print Shop has amazing choices. 
This first one will hopefully be occupying a wall in our living room soon.

My first print purchase was this one below {for the Mr.'s birthday}. 
It is from this lovely Etsy shop, by the talented Sarah Chiarot.

The Mr. and I love Ryan Adams. 
In fact, we are going to his concert Saturday night!
The lyrics on this print are from one of my personal favorite songs, 
and it was only fitting since we celebrated our birthdays in NYC.

January 23, 2012


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. The Mr. and I went to DK Diner for donuts and coffee Sunday morning, and then headed to Scott's Antique Market {we left with a few great finds I promise to share later}. Afterward, we spent some quality time on the couch watching football and eating pizza. It was a lovely Sunday. 

I believe my favorite item from this wishlist is the leather butterfly chair from Urban Outfitters... oh how I would love for it to just appear in our little apartment. It's a little steep for our wallets, but maybe it will go on sale?

Today marks 6 months of the Mr. and I being married! Happy half-year anniversary to my wonderful husband. I love you.

1. loving this sweater / 2. Stumptown cold brew {and then you get to keep the bottle} / 3. Old Faithful Shop terrarium  / 
4. leather butterfly chair / 5. I need this hat / 6. prismatic post earrings / 7. adore this tote  / 8. travel toiletry case

January 20, 2012


I first came across these adorable pillow cases {via Etsy} a few months back. 
They are from Kin Ship Press.
I gifted this first set to a friend for Christmas, 
and just received the second set {HIS / HER} from that friend {as part of a belated wedding gift}.
I adore them.

And don't you love the tea towels?! 
I might just have to order myself the Good Eggs / Bad Eggs set...

Screen-printed by hand, using soy-basked inks, in Louisville, Kentucky. 
Kin Ship Press is Dan Davis and Hillary Harrison.

January 19, 2012


among the images:

a trip to the Rick Owens store for J... 

The vintage phone booth entrance from Crif Dog to PDT {Please Don't Tell}. PDT is a secret speakeasy in the East Village. You can call at 3pm {day of} to try to get reservations, which we did. We enjoyed our swanky evening at PDT, where I felt a bit like I had walked through a time-warp; welcome to the days when bartenders wore vests, ties, and suspenders +  mixing the perfect cocktail was an art. Moscow mules the way they are supposed to be served - in a copper mug...

Stumptown in the Ace Hotel...

Maison Laduree - decadent macaroons straight from Paris to Madison Avenue. {The pistachio was to die for.}...

Central Park + Times Square...

The lights from plane as we make our way back home sweet home.