January 27, 2012


I don't remember how it began, because it goes back as long as I can remember. Each year at Thanksgiving my Mom set the turkey wishbone aside to dry out. A few days {or weeks} later my sister and I would pull it apart and make a wish. Whoever got the biggest part of the wishbone got her wish.

And all of this past tense is really incorrect because we still do it to this day.

This year... at Christmas... I won!

Over the years we have both acquired wishbone necklaces. They have a very special meaning to us. Sisters... two halves of a whole. I think my next wishbone necklace needs to be this Georgia Varidakis lucky bones necklace.
My good friend, M, spotted it when we were at the Artists and Fleas market in Brooklyn {thanks, lady!}. I grabbed one of the artist's postcards {for contact info} just in case someone loved me enough to order it for me. Anyone?


  1. You deserve that necklace!!!!!

  2. Anonymous1/27/2012

    We'll all pitch in...