November 29, 2011


Meet my good friend, Cydney, below. She writes her own fabulous blog here
C is wearing Warby Parker glasses, a Marc Jacobs jacket and a Stella McCartney blouse. C introduced me to Warby Parker a few weeks ago. Now, two rounds of home try-ons later my own glasses are on their way! Quite honestly they will be my first "cool" pair of glasses I've ever owned. It'll be nice to have a pair I can actually wear in public. My current specs are not suitable outside of our little apartment! Warby Parker is sort of the Tom's of eye-wear. For every pair purchased they donate a pair to someone in need. They have a great home try on program where they send you 5 pair for free! They even pay for shipping both ways. The best part is that the glasses are only $95 {$30 extra for the better lenses, which they recommend if your prescription is over a certain strength, but still a steal for trendy glasses!}I'll report back when I get my glasses!

We decided I should try on Cydney's glasses {she has the Huxley}. This is not the pair I ended up getting, but they were in the running. I hope I like the pair I ended up choosing for myself! 

I'm wearing:
"Gentle Fawn" faux shearling vest: South Moon Under
Sweater: via H&M a few years ago
Jeggings: Levis
Shoes: old Urban Outfitters
Necklace: old Urban Outfitters

November 28, 2011


My sister's friend, Tessa, had a Gold Canyon Candle party a few weeks ago. It was a lovely few hours spent sipping wine and choosing a few candle scents (I can't wait for my candles to arrive)! She and her husband just bought a house and it's amazing how quickly Tessa turned it into a home. Tessa is absolutely adorable... when it comes to fashion she is a free spirit who loves vintage, and her home reflected that same aesthetic.

Isn't her office so cute? It's really more of an inspiration room. I love how she has some of her favorite vintage finds displayed on a trunk to enjoy. I look forward to being able to create my own space like this when we buy a house.

November 27, 2011


On Halloween the Mr. and I decided to take an impromptu day trip to Yellowsprings. This little town in Ohio is full of hippie shops, artists and liberal thinkers. We had lunch at Ye Olde Trail Tavern, which happens to be the oldest building in Yellowsprings and the second oldest restaurant in Ohio. I had pumpkin soup and a grilled cheese...yum!

On the way home we stopped at Young's Dairy and got pumpkin icecream! They also had a petting farm!


I was so excited to get this dress in the mail a few weeks ago from Ruche. I found the online shop recently via an ad on one of the blogs I read. I must have snagged one of the last of this dress as it was sold out the next day. My guess is that everyone else saw it here and had to have it, too! I'm really trying to add more dresses to my fall wardrobe. This dress is more color than I normally do and I really loved wearing it! 

I purchased the necklace from this great vintage shop on Etsy, House of History. It's my new favorite piece of jewelry! I adore chunky statement necklaces. I have no idea why the below photo keeps loading upside down, but I had to post it anyway because I wanted to show that even her tags were cute!
 Bailey checking out what we're doing.
This shearling trim leather jacket is by Adam. It is one of the best pieces I've been lucky enough to snag with my clothing allowance from Leal. Happy Sunday from Bailey and me.
dress: ruche
necklace: house of history
cardigan: white + warren via leal
infinity scarf: h&m
leather jacket: adam via leal
old ankle boots: bronx

November 25, 2011


Day after Thanksgiving post... 

Did you eat as much as I did? I strategically got everything on one plate so I didn't have to make myself feel bad for going back for a second plate!! But, let's not kid ourselves... that was enough food for two plates.

My cousin, Ben, and his sweet wife, Jessica, were in town from Oregon.  I was so thankful to finally meet their daughter, my little cousin, Elsie. It was the first time my hubby got to meet any of them, so we were extra excited. Isn't she adorable?!
My sister-in-law, April, and her husband, Matt, were also in town with our beautiful niece, Zoey! We were SO excited to see them. Isn't Zoey the prettiest baby ever? I'm not biased or anything.
 (and she loved Uncle Izzy)
I was so grateful for the time we got to spend with my family AND my hubby's family. We had the best day and feel oh-so-lucky. When we were visiting with my parents my Dad found this old photo and certificate. I had seen it before when I was a wee one, but it was so cool to see it again. So proud of my Papa.
 (that's him on the far left)
 (and here on the far right, kneeling in the front. my handsome dad.)
And as much as we enjoyed being in our hometown surrounded by family, it was wonderful to get back to our little apartment and our little man, Bailey.
I hope you all had a warm and happy Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends, and are feeling as thankful as we are.

November 24, 2011


Six years ago my Mr and I re-met when we were both out the night before Thanksgiving. Five years ago when we were both home to see family again... we started dating. Happy five years of dating to my handsome husband! Looking forward to celebrating five years of marriage... and more.

A little list of the things I am feeling thankful for this morning, Thanksgiving Day...

our first thanksgiving as Mr. & Mrs.
my parents' home
the smell of my mom cooking
my first non-wedding blog post
the family I will see soon
OPI nail color "suzy says da!"
seeing my new hubby's wedding band when I glance at his hand
my parent's cats
the Macy's parade
 the anticipation of seeing my lovely sister-in-law, brother-in-law and my beautiful niece, Zoey,
who are home for the holidays

I am also thankful for all of the food I will soon eat! What are you thankful for?  
Happy Thanksgiving!