November 29, 2011


Meet my good friend, Cydney, below. She writes her own fabulous blog here
C is wearing Warby Parker glasses, a Marc Jacobs jacket and a Stella McCartney blouse. C introduced me to Warby Parker a few weeks ago. Now, two rounds of home try-ons later my own glasses are on their way! Quite honestly they will be my first "cool" pair of glasses I've ever owned. It'll be nice to have a pair I can actually wear in public. My current specs are not suitable outside of our little apartment! Warby Parker is sort of the Tom's of eye-wear. For every pair purchased they donate a pair to someone in need. They have a great home try on program where they send you 5 pair for free! They even pay for shipping both ways. The best part is that the glasses are only $95 {$30 extra for the better lenses, which they recommend if your prescription is over a certain strength, but still a steal for trendy glasses!}I'll report back when I get my glasses!

We decided I should try on Cydney's glasses {she has the Huxley}. This is not the pair I ended up getting, but they were in the running. I hope I like the pair I ended up choosing for myself! 

I'm wearing:
"Gentle Fawn" faux shearling vest: South Moon Under
Sweater: via H&M a few years ago
Jeggings: Levis
Shoes: old Urban Outfitters
Necklace: old Urban Outfitters

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