December 5, 2012


I have enough winter hats, but most of them are old-ish, and most of them I didn't even "love" when they were purchased.  I need to update my collection.  The hats I have were mostly bought out of necessity, but these days hats are another accessory.    

I finally got myself a black slouchy beanie... you know, the one you can get at any drug store.  Boyfriend beanie? Hipster beanie? Whatever you call it, you know that one.  I got mine at Target, and the Mr. and I plan to share it.  Now, I'm on the hunt for one with a giant pom pom.  Can you believe something we used to wear when we were kids is now "trendy"?  I mean, I'm not one to jump on all the trends, but this one - I like.  They're just fun and playful in the best way.  {The Mr. said he used to make his mom cut the pom pom off his hats when he was little.}  

I think number three and number six are my favorites, but I also wouldn't mind having a solid one like seven or nine.  What are your favorites?

one. Target // two. Asos // three. Asos // four. Gap // five. Nordstrom // six. Target
seven. Style Inch // eight. Topshop // nine. Topshop // ten. Asos // eleven. Forever 21

I would also like to wish my wonderful dad the happiest of birthdays!!!
Happy Birthday, Dad!  
We love you so very much.


  1. I love 3 & 5 and I think I kinda like 8 ;o)

  2. I have one of these! I got it at the Eddie Bauer outlet last year. This is a trend I like, too!

    1. Look what a trendsetter you are! :) I still need to get myself one!