December 4, 2012


Hey all!  So, I promised personal style posts would be back... I know it took me six months {oops!}, but I keep my promises.  You have been saying you missed them, and I appreciate that you want to see my outfits!  Or at least you're just being nice. 

I talked about my fears of being in front of the camera here... and here, too.  I'm pretty critical of myself, and when I used to just snap photos with my iphone - I just felt a little less vulnerable. BUT, since there is no longer a full length mirror with good lighting {because I'm not at the store anymore}, I can't hide behind my iphone.  So, it is just me... in front of the camera... trying not to be hard on myself...while I teach my Mr. the basics of our DSLR. 

This one was very impromptu on the way to brunch one morning.  Not the most exciting outfit in the world, but hey - I'm trying to get back on the horse.  Or something like that. 

{my real smile}

{my silly - I feel awkward posing - smile}

White + Warren cardigan / American Apparel tri-blend vneck tee / Levi's Curve ID jeans / 
Urban Outfitters necklace / Elizabeth Gillet scarf / Matisse "Prospector" boots


  1. You are beautiful!! Love this outfit!

  2. Love it all, but the cardigan.... oh yeah.

    1. and that cardigan is SO soft :)