March 9, 2012


I'm trying to be better about posting personal style pictures. That was how my little blog began, but it didn't last long as I felt weird putting myself out there like that. I'm too self-conscious, critical of myself in photos, and I just didn't want to take a picture of myself every day. So, I stopped. Somehow I feel more comfortable snapping a quick photo of myself with my iphone, rather than having the Mr. take a photo of me with the camera. Silly? Maybe... Probably... but true. So, here a few photos I snapped quickly at work over the last month or so. {Snapping these photos has made me realize I need to do my hair more often!} This might become a regular feature... Thoughts?

I'm very excited to say I have this Saturday off work! The Mr. and I are headed home for the weekend to see our families. Our only plans consist of a Domino's pizza tomorrow night when we arrive {we both swear that the Domino's in our hometown is like no other}, and it's such a great feeling to not have plans. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. them all. Looking forward to the weekend too ;o)

  2. I. Love. This. Post. Your personal style rocks, and I must know where you got the top in the second picture!

  3. You should all come north a bit...I'll be in Alliance today through Sunday morning!

  4. Looking good!! Love the top right!!

  5. @marni- Thank you so much, ms! The over-sized cream blouse? It's Nicole Miller from the store... a few seasons ago. I think it was literally called, "the big shirt". We SO would if we were going to be home for longer! I hope you have a good weekend!!!

    @Cara- Thank you!!! Missing you!

    1. Love this post! Keep doing it! I love your hair on the top of your head too! You might think you need to do it more, but I love it like that! :)

  6. @Tonya, Thank you!!! :) So good to see you and the boys this weekend!