March 12, 2012


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We had a great time at home visiting our families. 
Here is just a little on our weekend, according to Instagram...
It involved way too much bad for you good food;
including ice-cream three times. Yes, three. 
{A sundae + shamrock shake + blizzard. This is not a normal occurrence.}
I feel like by admitting it + telling all of you, I can start feeling less guilty. Or not.

The above...
...antique stores with the Mr. and my parents Saturday morning
...Coney Island for lunch: where I hate to say, they messed up every one of our orders {the Mr.'s twice}! few vintage finds: two ties for the hubby {one is Yves Saint Laurent!} and turquoise mugs sister helping me out of my "bored with my hair" slump {it's a lot darker!} of my favorite meals growing up - tacos! No one does tacos like my Mom trip #3 - the Mr. eating his DQ blizzard Sunday evening old tv stand of my parent's = our new bar
...a lovely surprise upon arriving back to our little apartment... something I ordered from Zara arrived early!
...we finally got what we needed to hang our wedding reception guitar "guest-book"
{not pictured: a yummy breakfast of biscuits + gravy at my in-laws... because I was too busy eating!}


  1. Sounds like a good weekend ;o)

  2. I like tacos. Looks like it was a good weekend. Can't wait to see the new hair color!

  3. @Katt - I like tacos! That made me giggle :) Mas Tacos!