September 17, 2012


Animal sweaters.  No, not animal as in leopard print.  We're talking about animal motif, like a wolf or a bunny on the front of your sweater.  Yep... just keep reading. While animal motifs have been in for a few years now, it's typically been more of a small all-over print... like little cats all over your dress that could just be any old graphic print from far away, like the two items below. {I actually have the bird print blouse on the left. My blouse, and the cat print dress on the right, are from Asos}

I'm sure some of you have worn an animal face on a sweater... when you were five.  I don't recall for certain, but I had to have one when I was little, right Mom?  I bet I had one with a unicorn on it.  It's kind of funny that an item that would immediately be seen as a fashion don't {as something an adult should simply not wear}, is now suddenly seen as cool and trendy.

 clockwise from left: Asos Tiger Sweater $52 // Aritzia Talula Zev Horse Sweater $80 {can't find it, but kind of want it} //
Mulberry Tiger Intarsia Sweater $670 { $$$? yeah, right!} // Zara Wolf Sweater {no longer avail.} // Paul & Joe Sister Cats Knit Pullover $280

clockwise from left:  JCrew French Hen Sweater $95 // Peter Jensen for Urban Outfitters Deer {no longer available} // 
Aubin &Wills Fox Intarsia Sweater $215 // Peter Jenson Fox Intarsia Sweater $285 // Peter Jensen for Urban Outfitters Bunny {no longer available}

I'm not sure how I feel about some of the more quirky & whimsical ones {the french hen, deer, or bunny}, but I would wear one with a bit more edge {the wolf, or tiger}.  I also like the horse sweater... and the bottom right fox.  So what do you think?  Are you on board, or have you lost all faith in me now that I've posted about bunny sweaters?


  1. Not all faith ;o) haha.... my favorite is the one with the blue french hen and then I read what you said below the pics. I also love the fox sweater.

    Can't remember if you ever had a sweater with a unicorn, but I do think you had a Ranibow Brite sweatshirt with Starlite on it!

    Believe it or not, I was never one much for animals on clothes, but I do love that blouse you own!!

  2. loving those top blouses!
    so sweet for fall

    xo the egg out west.