September 18, 2012


Pants.  I don't wear them.  I think it's a combination of these things: First, I have an aversion to dress pants.  I think I am still getting over having to buy and wear true business casual attire, way back in the day when I had an office job.  Second, I think it's hard to find flattering pants. 

So, I was pretty excited when more casual, "non-officey" pants started showing up.  Especially in shapes and cuts more flattering for us average size gals.  I basically spent the spring and summer trying to find a pair of harem pants.  For those of you born around the same time I was, the new version is not the same harem pants we had back in the day {not exactly "hammer pants"}.  I'm also not sure "harem" is the right term... I haven't been shopping for "true" harem pants with the drop rise that is around your knees {Zara actually has a few of these}.  I just want a pair of  slouchy, comfy, tapered-ankle, crop pants.  Preferably in a tribal print... and preferably under $75 or so, because I don't like to spend a lot on trendy pieces. Hmmm... maybe a bit too many criteria?  

Other big trends for pants right now are palazzo pants {wide leg} and prints.  Basically, whether harem or palazzo, we all just want to feel like we are wearing pajama bottoms.  I can totally get behind that.

And last, but certainly not least, I can't talk about pants without giving Zara due credit.  They really do have the best selection of pants. I have been wanting a pair of cropped trousers from Zara for a few seasons now.  How cute is the bottom right pair {#12}?  I would wear those with everything.  Too bad everything at Zara sells out before I can hit the "add to basket" button.  Zara, when are you coming to Columbus, Ohio?   

HAREM: 1. Urban Outfitters $49 lounge pant // 2. T-Bags $145 satin pants
3. Forever 21 {exact pair no longer available} // 4. Free People $98 tempting, if they were a bit more neutral
PALAZZO: 5. Joie $134.97 on sale at Piperlime // 6. Joie Ikat Aryn Pants {sold out} 
7. Zara $59.95 satin trousers  // 8. Anthropologie $98
CROPPED: 9 - 12. all Zara pants


  1. 3 & cute, but 12.... love. You need to find those!!!

  2. One of my favorite parts of moving from Columbus to Chicago has been shopping at Zara! Columbus is number one in mall shopping though, so Easton should definitely get one!

    1. Hi Kiley! Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately Zara was not there when I lived in Chicago... In fact, I think it opened the year AFTER I moved to Columbus. Figures!

      Easton definitely needs one! Maybe I could start a petition... ;)

  3. I can look for you if you want!

    1. marni, if you happen by Zara... and don't mind running in to check for #12 - I would LOVE to have those (or something similar)! xoxo