August 31, 2012


This evening, as I was eating my subway and drinking a glass of wine in my hotel room {don't judge}, I saw that I was mentioned in a tweet.  A tweet from this lovely lady, Melissa Clift of Lissa Rose Photography, nominating me for a Liebster Award.  Liebster Award, you ask?  I asked, too.  

I found a lot of different explanations for what it was {and the origin}, but this one had the best explanation.  Basically it is sort of like a chain letter, a blogger to blogger award.  Most of the explanations I found said you nominate 5 bloggers {although it has morphed into 11} with less than 200 readers {started as 3,000 readers}, that you think deserve recognition.  Isn't it funny how it changed over time... like a game of telephone.  And how are you supposed to know how many followers a blog has?  Anyway, I was never one to do chain letters, not even as younger gal, but this is too much of a bright spot in my day to ignore.  Melissa, thank you for the nomination.  I sincerely appreciate it... and I'm sorry I'm cheating and doing 5 instead of 11.

Here is how it works:

1. Introduce the blogger who nominated you and link to their site.
2. Post 11  5 things about yourself.
3. Answer the 11 5 questions the tagger has set for you.
4. Choose 11 5 blogs and link to them in your post (and let them know you've nominated them).
5. Post 11 5 questions for your nominees.

5 things you don't know about me:

1.  I have a small dot in the iris of my left eye {it's called a freckle... seriously}.
2.  My favorite cocktail is a vodka dirty martini with blue cheese olives {and I had the best one on our honeymoon at Squeeze Bar}.
3.  I lick my lips when I'm concentrating, and so I often have chapped lips {weird, huh?}.
4.  My favorite {now cancelled} tv shows are were Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Felicity, and Alias.
5.  I collected Unicorns when I was little {figurines and pictures, not real ones}, and I have always loved horses.

11 questions from Melissa:

1. Why did you start blogging?  
I wanted a creative outlet... a place to share my point of view.  And I've always enjoyed writing.

2. What is your most favorite thing to do?  
Spend time with my husband, family, and friends. 
And day drink {it's up there}

3. What is your most favorite piece of clothing?  
This is really hard and I can't pick one piece... my Yigal Azrouel leather jacket, my Minnetonka Mocs, my green anorak jackets, my Cut25 blazer, a few vintage maxi skirts, my GAP jean shirt from 1997.

4. What is your favorite book and why? 
Again, impossible to pick one. I love to read. A few {and I'm certain I'm forgetting some because I'm not home to look at my bookshelf}: The Notebook, The Time Travelers Wife, The Confessions of Max Tivolli, the Harry Potter series... 

5. How do you relax?
I have a hard time relaxing. I'm always doing two things at once. But, what immediately jumps to mind is the ocean... the water. I am always relaxed when I'm at the beach, or even just outside in nature.

6. What is your fondest childhood memory?
Ahh! I'm cheating so much, but again - I can't pick one! When we got our golden retriever, Belle... when my Dad and I would practice Softball and go for walks in the woods, back-to-school shopping with my Mom, Cedar Point and Lake Erie as a family, many memories of playing with my sister.  

7. If you could be one celebrity, who would it be {doesn't need to be living}?
I wouldn't want to be anyone else, but wouldn't mind having some of the things they have! I like Rachel McAdams a lot... Kate Bosworth, Michelle Williams, Kate Hudson {who I've met!}, Kate Winslet, Rachel Bilson, Jennifer Aniston... I know I'm forgetting people, but I guess that's ok since I was only supposed to pick one!  

8. What is your dream job?
This is always changing... to own a vintage/new mixed boutique, to be a rockstar or famous writer, design clothes or shoes {and my line would make size 10 1/2!}. I really just want to be doing something creative that makes me happy, and make enough money to travel wherever we want to go whenever we want to.  Not asking a lot, right?

9. Because I love some awkward, what is the oddest thing you do?  
I might have to ask my husband to answer this one.  What do I do, honey?  I mix ketchup into leftover mac and cheese {it's so good!}.

10. Because I love some awesome, what do you consider "awesome"? 
Hmm... I use that word a lot - a lot. I think people who aren't afraid to be themselves are awesome.   

11. What is your favorite mascara {because I am a lifelong search for the perfect one}?
I am also on the same search, but past loves have included the good ole Maybelline pink tube with green lid, and Dior Waterproof {for my wedding}.

I nomiate the following blogs:

I am sad to say there aren't many blogs I read with less than 200 {or even 3,000 followers, if you go by the original Liebster rules}.  I am going to make it a goal {when we get back from Portland} to find some smaller blogs I enjoy... some folks who have wonderful things to say and might appreciate a pat on the back {because I know I did}. I can think of 2 or 3 at this moment, but I promise to have 5 to nominate at a later date.  Thank you again, Melissa!

August 30, 2012


Hello, from my laptop!  Yay!  Thank you to LC for letting me borrow your work laptop charger.  You're the best.

Only a few more nights until I head home to my Mr., and my own bed... for one night.  Well, only one night back in my own bed that is.  We leave for Portland {for vacation!} the morning after I return from Pittsburgh!  About a 12 hour turnaround.  I'm going to be a crazy - laundry doing - unpacking - packing machine.  And I'm going to be tired.  Really tired.  There will be lots of sleeping on the plane.

Let's talk about Portland.  I've never been there {the Mr. has}, and I am so excited.  We're going to visit the his best friend {the best man in our wedding} who works for Nike.  We'll also be spending a few days in Seattle visiting some of the husband's friends from his Master's program.  AND we're headed to Eugene to visit my cousin, his wife, and their sweet little girl - Elsie.

I've never heard anything but wonderful things about Portland, and everyone I've told we're going gets instantly excited.  It must be some kind of city.  Our total trip is ten days, with most of them spent in Portland, so send suggestions my way for sure! A few of the places I want to go {or where the Mr. wants to take me} include:

{the below photo was taken - by me - at Stumptown in NYC}

Voodoo Donuts {for... well - donuts, but especially the voodoo man and the maple one with bacon}
Hope Coffee {because all I can think about this week is caffeine}
Screen Door {for famous chicken & waffles}
Lodekka {I have to check out this double decker full of vintage finds}
Wanderlust {... and this one}
Delta Cafe {because the Mr. says we have to}
Stumptown Coffee {I'm obsessed with great coffee spots - especially Stumptown, and it's based in Portland}
The Pendleton Outlet {because I'm obsessed with Pendleton, remember?}

I think you can probably guess which of these picks are mine, and which are the Mr's.  And I realize most of these involve eating.  What am I missing?  Come on... don't be shy.  Comment away!

{Update: Marni, I refuse to admit I forgot about Stumptown so I added it in. I'm ashamed of myself. And the food trucks, of course! You gotta love street meat.}

August 29, 2012


Hello, from my iPhone. My laptop is still lifeless. At this point I think I'm going to stick it out, not spend the $80 for a new charger, and go without it this week. A little difficult considering it makes me feel connected when I'm away... but I just think I would feel really spoiled buying that charger. So, the Mr. (who I miss dearly) graciously agreed to write a guest post (or two?) for you this week. Thank you, honey!

TWO guest posts? What was that you said about feeling spoiled? ;)

At long last (seriously, it seems like it’s been two years),it’s football season again! I realize that not every l+r reader is as excited as me, but when it comes to guest posts, you can’t always win. I was urged to keep it short, so even if you hate football, keep going. It won't be too painful.

Much like they will be during adulthood, Fridays are the coolest for school-aged kids. The teachers wear jeans and team colors, and there’s a certain, unmistakable buzz around town. Football games are the center of the universe on those late-summer and autumn Fridays. Oh, the lights...the band...the crowd. I specifically remember the occasions when some of the high school football players would visit my school. They would come and read to us, answer our ridiculous questions, and sometimes leave a lasting impression. That’s a pretty good tradeoff for getting out of chemistry class.

When I was in elementary school, we had recess twice a day. If you multiply that by about 180 school days, and then multiply that by six years, you get 2,160 recesses. An Ohio school year includes sweltering heat, gloomy drizzle, and waist-deep snow; we hold recess through all of the above. I would conservatively estimate that my classmates and I played football during 2,000 of those. I'm sure we had basketball hoops and swings, but I don't really remember. I do remember the two trees that marked the goal lines, though.

Football was everything; our dads and grandfathers had played, and it had been embedded in our town culture since the 1890s. We diligently collected football cards and did our best to answer our gym teacher’s weekly football trivia in the hopes of winning more. I’m guessing he discontinued trivia when his third graders started Wikipedia-ing the answers on their iPhones, but it was pure excitement for us.

We really were #1.
Our school system didn’t actually have full-contact football until eighth grade (luckily, we had those thousand two-a-days under our belts). Getting that first set of equipment was pretty exhilarating, even though the helmet almost took my ears off and about 20% of the guys put their girdles on backwards. It didn’t matter that we were using hand-me-down pads and helmets from our parents’ generation. We were the real deal!

I eventually became one of those high school hotshots who went to read to the little kids in my old elementary school. Since I wanted to go to college and become a teacher, it was a privilege that I truly cherished, even as a 17-year-old. High school football players were role models, right alongside firemen and police officers, and I was fully aware of that. Years later, while working as an administrator at a trade school, one of my (adult) students brought in a mini-football she had caught at a game when she was little, and it had my autograph on it. That’ll make you feel both old and silly.
You wouldn't recognize me now.
I am determined to get home and catch a high school game this year. One of my old teammates is now the head coach, which is kinda cool. I’m old enough that I can pretty easily attend a game without being detected nowadays. Not that I don’t want to chat (I actually do)… I just really want to watch those young guys play.

August 27, 2012


Hi there!  Greetings from Pittsburgh {back again, today - Friday}.  I just realized I forgot my laptop charger {Insert SAD FACE}.  Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on one tomorrow, without having to actually spend the mucho dinero for a new one.  Fingers crossed. So... considering my laptop has 9% of the battery left, it'll be short and sweet this Monday.

I thought I would share these words, found via Pinterest
I love this.

August 25, 2012


Hey there!  So sorry it's been so quiet at L+R.  You can hear the birds chirping over here!  Last week I spent three days in Pittsburgh for work, and I just want to soak up as much time as possible with my hubby before I go back Monday for five days.  I know I haven't talked about work a lot on here; sometimes it feels a bit too personal.  Plus, since I left my job {managing a designer clothing boutique} of five and a half years at the start of June, I've just been trying to get things figured out.  

So... I'm freelancing as a wardrobe/fashion stylist.  It was a scary decision for us, but one we hope works out, as I am loving it.  I've talked about doing this for a long time - something on my own.  I like to think I'm somewhat of a free spirit, and not having to sit at a desk all day makes my heart happy.  Plus it would have been really hard to go back to an office-type job after not having that for six years.  Hopefully all of this will give me more time for the Etsy shop, and free time for the blog.  Hopefully the freelancing works out.  Hopefully. Hopefully. Hopefully.

I've never taken for granted that I'll find a job that makes me really happy.  I think it's a luxury to love what you do for a living.  I mean, a job is a job, right?  Of course, you don't want to be miserable, but don't you think it's rare to hear someone say they genuinely enjoy their job?  Of course, it happens.  I have close friends that really enjoy their jobs, and that makes me very happy for them {and it makes me strive for that as well}.  And don't get me wrong, there have certainly been times that I would have said I liked my job, but more recently it was the area of my life where I wasn't happy or fulfilled.

In the spring, I was flipping through channels and came across a television show I don't watch, just in time to see the main character going into this big speech about happiness to her therapist.  She was talking about how she kept waiting for everything to be calm and happy... and nothing bad to be happening in her life... and that she finally realized if she keeps waiting, she will never be happy. Basically - life is just messy and beautiful, and if you wait for it to be perfect you'll miss it. 

Since then, I've had the same conversation about "happiness" with a few different people, and it's come up in so many places... A few weeks ago I was flipping channels again, and heard a comedian make a joke about a women.  He was saying women complain to their spouses about not being happy, and what women don't understand is that happiness is not a residence, it's a vacation spot.  And it made me laugh.  And I think there is some truth to take from that.

I have a sign on my mantel that says, "Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life"... and I am constantly trying to remind myself of that.  Things do not have to be perfect all of the time, and I might not ever be happy with every aspect of my life at the same time.  And that is ok.

Right now, this weekend, I'm enjoying being happy in my relationship with my hubby... and soaking up as much time as I can with him before I'm off again.  Have a wonderful weekend, friends.

{That's me, just having a moment with the Grand Tetons in 2010... while the Mr. took sneaky photos.  Jackson Hole is one of our happy places. What are yours?}

August 21, 2012


A few of my favorite pieces of jewelry are Stella & Dot.  I was introduced to the line a few years ago, and even hosted a party once upon a time.  My friend, Elizabeth, is to thank for rekindling my romance with Stella & Dot.  Below are just a few of my favorite pieces {including three of Elizabeth's}.  I think my first purchase has to be the arrow necklace {and the snake bracelet}.  Do you have any Stella & Dot jewelry?  What are your favorites?


August 20, 2012


Hey all. I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I'm in Pittsburgh this week for work, so I decided it was only fitting to do a road trip mix. This list includes some of my favorite songs to sing yell loudly in the car. Trust me when I tell you... no one would want to be in the car with me when this happens.

{photo credit // Pittsburgh, PA}

1. Canned Heat // On the Road Again
2. Dierks Bentley // Free and Easy
3. Bonnie Tyler // Total Eclipse Of the Heart
4. Rick Springfield // Jessie's Girl
5. Kelly Clarkson // Since U Been Gone
6. Cyndi Lauper // Time After Time
7. Bruce Springsteen // Glory Days
8. Tom Petty // Into the Great Wide Open
9. The Proclaimers // I'm Gonna Be {500 Miles}
10. Bon Jovi // Wanted Dead Or Alive
11. Journey // Don't Stop Believin'
12. Cake // The Distance
13. Janis Joplin // Piece Of My Heart
14. Tom Petty // You Don't Know How It Feels
15. Pop Star // Died In Your Arms
16. Bret Michaels // Every Rose Has Its Thorn
17. Great White // Eye Of the Tiger

Click here to listen!

August 17, 2012


I haven't done one of these posts in awhile, so I have a lot of stored up things to share with you.
These are just a few of the things I decided to share this week!
I love {no pun intended} this slouchy pullover sweatshirt...
and the fact that it's printed on American Apparel tri-blend makes me love it even more.

I've been eyeing this butter dish from Anthropologie for awhile, and this week it made its way home with me.

I think I need this t-shirt, and I know many people who would agree that I need this t-shirt.

These Asos pants are sold out, but I'm on a mission for something similar.

This hat is calling my name, and getting me excited for fall.

The Warby Parker Winston in Walnut Tortuoise...
When I got my WP sunglasses I really wanted tortoise, but the Winston {the frame I liked} wasn't available in tortoise.
Well... now they are! And I think I need them.
Is it ok to have the exact same glasses in two different colors? 

I loved this post by Kendi about being yourself on your blog...
and this one about learning how grey life is - not black or white, good or bad
{something I would say hit me a few years ago}.

{photo by Heather Gildroy // via Design Love Fest}

And this post by Bri Emery of Design Love Fest about finding your own style.

These gold animal drink stirrers are the coolest, and might inspire me to DIY...

I might have to make this avocado egg salad recipe soon.

This omelettes-for-dummies omelette pan from Williams Sonoma.

What are you guys up to this weekend?
We're hometown bound to celebrate this little girl {our niece, Zoey} turning ONE.
We can't wait to see you April, Matt & Miss Zoey!
Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

August 15, 2012


Last night we went to see Mumford & Sons.
They are my favorite {along with the Black Keys}.
I spent the night jumping up & down, and singing at the top of my lungs.
They just make me happy.

And now let's talk about sandals...
Nice transition, eh?
I REALLY want a pair of flat leopard sandals.
I've seen this sold out Zara pair sell on Ebay for $125.  
I sort of hate all you ladies who were lucky enough to nab these when they first came out {ok, I don't really "hate" you}.

And I think this pair by Steve Madden {the Bethesda} are an enigma.  
I stumbled across them on Pinterest, but can't find a trace of them anywhere.  
It's a mystery.
After hours of searching online, yes - hours, the only leopard sandals I can actually find are the two pictured above.  
The pair on the left are from Topshop, and the pair on the right are by Matt Bernson {on sale right now at Bluefly}.  
They're both great, but more than I want to spend, and I just don't love them as much as I do the top two pairs.  
Beggars can't be choosers, right?  Which pair is your favorite?

August 14, 2012


The ultimate dream is a brick and mortar store.  I would sell vintage wares, mixed with select new merchandise reminiscent of vintage Americana - Levis jeans and such.  There would always be really good music playing, and I would support local artists by hanging their work on the walls.  Maybe next door there'd be a coffee shop turned little bar at night {this would be the Mr.'s} and we would have open mic nights all the time.  And so... that would be the dream.

The reality is going to be an Etsy store.  I've wanted to have an Etsy store since before there was Etsy {all the way back when Ebay was the only thing}.  Not only has has my mom, Laurie, been the nagging voice pushing me along, but she is also going to be the other half of the store!  My parents frequent antique stores & flea markets, and I really did grow up with a love of vintage & history I'm not sure most kids had. So, I feel like this really is a natural next step.  

Lovely + Rust Vintage... a little mother/daughter project of sorts.  We're both very excited.  Our Etsy shop will have vintage clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories, as well as other little vintage trinkets we can't leave behind.  We know it's going to take a lot of work to keep the merchandise fresh, but we're going to give it our best shot. 

The next month is full of travel.  I will be spending time in Pittsburgh for work, and then the Mr. and I are headed to Portland for fun {much more on this later}.  So, look for the Etsy shop to launch sometime late September.   

Meet our mannequin.  She is a vintage green Rite dress form.  Possible names thrown out there: Marilyn, Greta, Betty, Estelle, Rusty, Manny, and Quinn.  My mom really likes Betty, so I think that's the winner unless you have any suggestions? 

August 13, 2012


Hello friends, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Saturday I went to CD102.5 Summerfest, and got to hear the Lumineres sing my favorite song of the moment {Ho Hey}. I also made a quick 24 hour trip to my hometown to help my sis and mom with our garage sale, AND get my hair done - which leads me to this... 

The photos below are examples of my dream hair. I've always wanted those rocker-chic bangs and beachy "I just woke up this way" waves. 

When my sister, Katie, and I were little I wanted her hair. Really bad. {I still do.} She had this perfectly pretty, straight hair with shiny bangs. And mine was naturally curly and out of control. In high school and college I swear I had super long 80s hair-band hair, à la Jon Bon Jovi. It wasn't until I was 22 that I found a flat iron that actually worked, and I spent the next four to five years battling Chicago weather trying to keep my hair straight. Finally, around age 27 I found my answer in a big barrel curling iron. I think it just took me longer than the average person to get it all figured out. Yep, I curl my naturally curly hair with a curling iron. Kind of ironic, I know. I don't even remember the last time I left my hair naturally curly, but I can tell you the result is somewhere between Felicity, Melina Kanakaredes... and Curly Sue. But not in a good way. Naturally curly hair basically rules out cool haircuts, so I've always colored my hair when I got bored. It's been blonde, blonder, brown, red, ombre, and everything in between. I really should have put together a "my hair over the years" timeline for you... Or not. No one needs to see that. 

So... bangs. Do any of you have naturally curly hair with bangs? How do you control them in rain or humidity if you're hair is naturally curly? Do they spring up like Little Orphan Anne? Unfortunately, I've never imagined bangs and natural curl playing well together... 

Well, this Friday when I was sitting at Katie's station at the salon - she got tired of hearing me talk about my bang wishes and worries, and she decided we should just give it a shot. And so she cut. She cut before I could second guess myself. 

I have bangs. I haven't had bangs since 90's mall bangs. 

Kate followed it up by putting a global keretin treatment on my bangs, which is basically a miracle product. I haven't been allowed to get my bangs wet, which made for some entertainment at Summerfest on Saturday when it started raining. I reacted so fast - slapping my hand over my forehead and throwing my jacket over my head. My bangs were the only thing that stayed dried.

For now, you can see a picture on my new hair via my instagram. Because I just can't bring myself to post a picture of moi in the same blog post as Kirsten Dunst.

{photo credits: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5}

August 9, 2012


If you read Design Sponge, you've already been introduced to ABJ Glassworks
If you don't read Design Sponge, then this post is for you {AND you should read Design Sponge}.

ABJ Glassworks is a line of whimsical and modern stained glass pieces, made by Ashley Bram-Johnson in Philadelphia.  
You can read more of her story here via her Etsy store.

I am pining for that little copper ring holder above.  
You can even order one etched with an arrow {my logo!} which means I need it, right?  
And check out this little box below... store your little keepsakes away from nosy paws.  
{Bailey woke us up in the middle of the night by playing with the jewelry on top of my dresser.}

If you follow me on Pinterest you already know about my love {aka: obsession} for terrariums.
Awhile back I attempted to make my own, and took pictures to write a post about DIY terrariums -
but those photos never made it to my blog because my terrarium was just... so... bad.
I bet it'd be hard to mess one up if you used one of Ashley's beautiful containers below.

{all photos via ABJ Glassworks website and Etsy store}

August 7, 2012


Names:  Claire & Adam Lowe {Mochi, Emma and Ollie}
Location:  Clintonville, Columbus, Ohio
Years lived in:  1 year
Claire & Adam got married this summer {Congratulations, newlyweds!}, and have lived in their house for just one year. I can't imagine moving in, and accomplishing what they have, in the midst of planning a wedding. Their home is full of vintage, modern, quirky and personal touches. It is a fabulous reflection of their personal style. They were so sweet to welcome me into their home, for L+R's inaugural home feature.

Besides the pics of the couple {which were taken by moi}, all photos were oh-so-graciously taken by AdamHe is a professional photographer, so I decided to "leave it to the professional" for your viewing pleasure! I had a really hard time narrowing down the photos, so there is a link to the full gallery as your reward for scrolling to the bottom.

Claire's shoe collection {and closet} is the best I have ever seen. I could have spent a lot of time in there... sigh. A recent addition was a vintage Pendleton poncho that she found while honeymooning in San Francisco. 

Meet Claire & Adam.
{In the words of Claire}

L+R:  How did you two meet?  
We met almost four years ago at my birthday party through a mutual friend, but we were both in other relationships at the time.  We started hanging out a lot as friends, but we didn't actually start dating until about a year later.

L+R:  How did Adam propose?  
I came home from work one day and he told me he had a present for me.  I expected something small like a cat figurine, so I was super confused when he handed me a box containing a brand new MacBook!  Then, he told me to open it up because he had uploaded some photos of our dog, Mochi, on the computer.  When I opened the computer, there was a "Will you marry me?" message on the screen and he had dropped to one knee!  So, I got a beautiful ring (my great-grandmother's) and a new laptop in the same day...doesn't get much better than that!

L+R:  What house projects have you done & what is still on your TO DO list?  
We have finished painting the rooms on the second floor of the house, but we have many more painting projects planned.  I hate painting, but the end result is just so satisfying!  Next up on the list is Adam's office.  Also, we have a ridiculous amount of artwork that is just sitting around the house, waiting for us to frame and hang it.  And the closet!  I can't wait to get rid of all the clutter and transform it into the vision I have in my head.

L+R:  What are your favorite house finds?  
Adam's fav find - a Vintage Louis Vuitton suitcase (found in an antique shop in Astoria, Oregon)
Claire's fav find- the prints of animals wearing clothing in our bathroom (found at the Columbus Independents' Day Festival). The artist's Etsy shop is Berkley Illustration

L+R:  Your pets names and ages?  
Mochi (Boston terrier) - 2 years old
Emma (black cat) - 6 years old
Ollie (black & white cat) - 6 years old

L+R:  Tell us a little about Adam's band & photography.  
Adam's band's name is The Black Antler, which he started in 2009 with his friend Alex.  They play metal/hardcore music and practice in our basement (the cats hate it!).  As for photography, he mainly shoots weddings, but he also loves to shoot anything fashion or music related. 

L+R:  And a little about what you are doing & want to do? 
I am currently working as a sales associate and blogger at Rowe.  Working on the blog is so much fun because it combines my love of fashion and the Internet.  In the future, I would love to be able to find a full time job that also incorporates fashion and social media.

Click HERE to see the expanded gallery of Claire & Adam's hip home!

Thanks, Claire & Adam!