August 9, 2012


If you read Design Sponge, you've already been introduced to ABJ Glassworks
If you don't read Design Sponge, then this post is for you {AND you should read Design Sponge}.

ABJ Glassworks is a line of whimsical and modern stained glass pieces, made by Ashley Bram-Johnson in Philadelphia.  
You can read more of her story here via her Etsy store.

I am pining for that little copper ring holder above.  
You can even order one etched with an arrow {my logo!} which means I need it, right?  
And check out this little box below... store your little keepsakes away from nosy paws.  
{Bailey woke us up in the middle of the night by playing with the jewelry on top of my dresser.}

If you follow me on Pinterest you already know about my love {aka: obsession} for terrariums.
Awhile back I attempted to make my own, and took pictures to write a post about DIY terrariums -
but those photos never made it to my blog because my terrarium was just... so... bad.
I bet it'd be hard to mess one up if you used one of Ashley's beautiful containers below.

{all photos via ABJ Glassworks website and Etsy store}

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  1. I love the triangle copper ring holder. So cool.