August 25, 2012


Hey there!  So sorry it's been so quiet at L+R.  You can hear the birds chirping over here!  Last week I spent three days in Pittsburgh for work, and I just want to soak up as much time as possible with my hubby before I go back Monday for five days.  I know I haven't talked about work a lot on here; sometimes it feels a bit too personal.  Plus, since I left my job {managing a designer clothing boutique} of five and a half years at the start of June, I've just been trying to get things figured out.  

So... I'm freelancing as a wardrobe/fashion stylist.  It was a scary decision for us, but one we hope works out, as I am loving it.  I've talked about doing this for a long time - something on my own.  I like to think I'm somewhat of a free spirit, and not having to sit at a desk all day makes my heart happy.  Plus it would have been really hard to go back to an office-type job after not having that for six years.  Hopefully all of this will give me more time for the Etsy shop, and free time for the blog.  Hopefully the freelancing works out.  Hopefully. Hopefully. Hopefully.

I've never taken for granted that I'll find a job that makes me really happy.  I think it's a luxury to love what you do for a living.  I mean, a job is a job, right?  Of course, you don't want to be miserable, but don't you think it's rare to hear someone say they genuinely enjoy their job?  Of course, it happens.  I have close friends that really enjoy their jobs, and that makes me very happy for them {and it makes me strive for that as well}.  And don't get me wrong, there have certainly been times that I would have said I liked my job, but more recently it was the area of my life where I wasn't happy or fulfilled.

In the spring, I was flipping through channels and came across a television show I don't watch, just in time to see the main character going into this big speech about happiness to her therapist.  She was talking about how she kept waiting for everything to be calm and happy... and nothing bad to be happening in her life... and that she finally realized if she keeps waiting, she will never be happy. Basically - life is just messy and beautiful, and if you wait for it to be perfect you'll miss it. 

Since then, I've had the same conversation about "happiness" with a few different people, and it's come up in so many places... A few weeks ago I was flipping channels again, and heard a comedian make a joke about a women.  He was saying women complain to their spouses about not being happy, and what women don't understand is that happiness is not a residence, it's a vacation spot.  And it made me laugh.  And I think there is some truth to take from that.

I have a sign on my mantel that says, "Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life"... and I am constantly trying to remind myself of that.  Things do not have to be perfect all of the time, and I might not ever be happy with every aspect of my life at the same time.  And that is ok.

Right now, this weekend, I'm enjoying being happy in my relationship with my hubby... and soaking up as much time as I can with him before I'm off again.  Have a wonderful weekend, friends.

{That's me, just having a moment with the Grand Tetons in 2010... while the Mr. took sneaky photos.  Jackson Hole is one of our happy places. What are yours?}

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