August 14, 2012


The ultimate dream is a brick and mortar store.  I would sell vintage wares, mixed with select new merchandise reminiscent of vintage Americana - Levis jeans and such.  There would always be really good music playing, and I would support local artists by hanging their work on the walls.  Maybe next door there'd be a coffee shop turned little bar at night {this would be the Mr.'s} and we would have open mic nights all the time.  And so... that would be the dream.

The reality is going to be an Etsy store.  I've wanted to have an Etsy store since before there was Etsy {all the way back when Ebay was the only thing}.  Not only has has my mom, Laurie, been the nagging voice pushing me along, but she is also going to be the other half of the store!  My parents frequent antique stores & flea markets, and I really did grow up with a love of vintage & history I'm not sure most kids had. So, I feel like this really is a natural next step.  

Lovely + Rust Vintage... a little mother/daughter project of sorts.  We're both very excited.  Our Etsy shop will have vintage clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories, as well as other little vintage trinkets we can't leave behind.  We know it's going to take a lot of work to keep the merchandise fresh, but we're going to give it our best shot. 

The next month is full of travel.  I will be spending time in Pittsburgh for work, and then the Mr. and I are headed to Portland for fun {much more on this later}.  So, look for the Etsy shop to launch sometime late September.   

Meet our mannequin.  She is a vintage green Rite dress form.  Possible names thrown out there: Marilyn, Greta, Betty, Estelle, Rusty, Manny, and Quinn.  My mom really likes Betty, so I think that's the winner unless you have any suggestions? 


  1. You are coming to Pittsburgh? ;)

    1. Sophie, yes!!! I'll be there for 3 days next week and 5 the following :) I'm emailing you about it!