June 4, 2012


Is the weather as perfect today where you are as it is in Columbus? Perfect, I tell ya.

How was your weekend? The Mr and I had a wonderful Sunday. We spend the day outside... playing, eating yummy food, and soaking up as much time as we could with the Mr's sister {April} and our niece {Zoey}. I got a little camera happy... playing with a new lens and marveling at how precious my niece is. It's amazing when you don't get to see them often... how they seem to turn into little people over night.

I have always felt constantly lucky for my family. My Mom, Dad, and sister are my favorite people and best friends. And now I always feel constantly lucky for my husband's family, too. There is a phrase I love - my cup runneth over. I feel that way a lot... like my heart is just going to burst. When I'm with the Mr, when I'm with family, and Sunday when I was taking pictures of my niece. How did I get so darn lucky?