March 8, 2012


{I promise I would not wear these pants + blouse together. Perfect example of the "pajamas as daywear" trend}

Marni for H+M is launching today. I'm sure there will be long lines at stores and items sold out in hours. I've never been a huge fan of Marni for myself. As in - it's not typically my style; however, I appreciate it. I have a dear friend in NYC who {I think} will be doing her best to grab a few pieces {and she doesn't just like the line because it shares her name}. Unfortunately, none of the H+M stores in Ohio will be receiving the collection, but if you can ever get through online...

Above are my personal favorites from the collection {most of them are available in other prints}. I think it's cool and unique that the prints are different on the front + back. The line for H+M is really true to the main line, so I think those ladies who love Marni {but can't afford the real thing} will be very pleased!

I appreciate you, Marni.  Both of you.


  1. I love the dress. Hope Marni manages to scarf up a couple of the things she likes.

  2. Thanks for the lovely mention! I couldn't bear going super early today. Crazy week. I went at lunch and there were two pairs of shorts, a shirt, and a pair of shoes left. My size but didn't like. Oh well! I'll have to keep enjoying the Marni shoes I already have! By the way, I really enjoy how both of our styles have changed over time. The different fronts and backs reminds me of Custo, but I like things much more plain these days. I think we're flip flopping...and I love it! Let's trade clothes. Ha ha.

  3. @marni, plain is never a word I would use to describe your style :) I think we're both becoming less trendy? Maybe more mature versions of our former selves? Let's go with that. xo

  4. Let's definitely go with that. ;) And by the way, you don't think my Brooklyn Bridge ring is plain?

  5. @marni, that ring is exactly what I had in mind when you mentioned plain :) xoxo