March 7, 2012


I know I've probably mentioned this before... I don't love to shop. I love clothes, but I just wish they would appear in my closet. I do like online shopping because I can take my time... think about things... search for exactly what I want without running all over the city. In fact, I would say I am an online shopping guru. I can find anything you need; however, in a store I often just get overwhelmed, wondering if there is something better somewhere else, and I leave empty handed. I also get sucked in and end up wasting hours and getting nowhere. AND I just plain don't like to spend my day off from the store shopping after helping others do just that all week. But, I digress - Sometimes it just becomes necessary to physically try something on in person. 

Last Friday was my day off for the week and I got up early; on a mission to the Easton mall. I had an agenda {see my list}. What I realized was - I need to get out more! While I knew from blogs, magazines, and television that neon was a trend - I was shocked at how much of it is out there. It is everywhere. Every single store I walked into was plastered with bright neon colors. From clothing to shoes to jewelry. The below pictures are from GAP and J.CREW. The closest I came to jumping on the neon bandwagon was when I tried on the below color-block striped tee from J.CREW, but if I ever actually make the leap I think I'll grab the citron yellow version.

I enjoyed a yummy lunch at one of my favorite places, North Star Cafe. Their Northstar Burger {made with organic brown rice, black beans + beets, and topped with white cheddar}is heavenly. They were also giving out free samples of their amazing peanut butter cookie. I was also pretty impressed by these table locator contraptions I have never seen before. I'm aware I'm probably behind the times {remember I said need to get out more}but they program the number, hand it to you, and when you insert it into the silver stand on whatever table you choose - they know where you are so they can bring you your food! Hey, I'm easily impressed. 

Even though I did not find what I was looking for, I did come home with a few good finds: my new favorite white tee - the painter tee from J.Crew, and a couple of trendy cheap pieces - a mustard midi skirt, tribal print summer sweater, and a pair of pajama-ish harem pants {see here}.  Yep, I know the Mr. will love those. 

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  1. I used to have hot pink flats. loved them. AND royal blue heels! Let's see, that was the mid 80's!!