November 24, 2011


Six years ago my Mr and I re-met when we were both out the night before Thanksgiving. Five years ago when we were both home to see family again... we started dating. Happy five years of dating to my handsome husband! Looking forward to celebrating five years of marriage... and more.

A little list of the things I am feeling thankful for this morning, Thanksgiving Day...

our first thanksgiving as Mr. & Mrs.
my parents' home
the smell of my mom cooking
my first non-wedding blog post
the family I will see soon
OPI nail color "suzy says da!"
seeing my new hubby's wedding band when I glance at his hand
my parent's cats
the Macy's parade
 the anticipation of seeing my lovely sister-in-law, brother-in-law and my beautiful niece, Zoey,
who are home for the holidays

I am also thankful for all of the food I will soon eat! What are you thankful for?  
Happy Thanksgiving!

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