November 25, 2011


Day after Thanksgiving post... 

Did you eat as much as I did? I strategically got everything on one plate so I didn't have to make myself feel bad for going back for a second plate!! But, let's not kid ourselves... that was enough food for two plates.

My cousin, Ben, and his sweet wife, Jessica, were in town from Oregon.  I was so thankful to finally meet their daughter, my little cousin, Elsie. It was the first time my hubby got to meet any of them, so we were extra excited. Isn't she adorable?!
My sister-in-law, April, and her husband, Matt, were also in town with our beautiful niece, Zoey! We were SO excited to see them. Isn't Zoey the prettiest baby ever? I'm not biased or anything.
 (and she loved Uncle Izzy)
I was so grateful for the time we got to spend with my family AND my hubby's family. We had the best day and feel oh-so-lucky. When we were visiting with my parents my Dad found this old photo and certificate. I had seen it before when I was a wee one, but it was so cool to see it again. So proud of my Papa.
 (that's him on the far left)
 (and here on the far right, kneeling in the front. my handsome dad.)
And as much as we enjoyed being in our hometown surrounded by family, it was wonderful to get back to our little apartment and our little man, Bailey.
I hope you all had a warm and happy Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends, and are feeling as thankful as we are.

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