October 30, 2011


We have over 2,000 pictures from the wedding. You can imagine how difficult it was to narrow that number down, especially for someone that has a hard time making decisions (that would be moi). Here are a few images from the wedding that I have not already included in previous posts. If you're curious what we did for centerpieces, want to check out the skeleton key escort cards, feather boutonnieres, or other DIY projects - you can find it in the previous wedding related blog posts. Or start from the beginning here.

It was a hot, hot, hot day on July 23rd, 2011...

As we were finishing up a few formal photos at the sauna (I mean "church"} it started pouring buckets. 
We ran in the rain from the church to the limo bus. The short trip from the church to the reception was one of the more fun-filled & happy moments of the day. I was on cloud nine.

Yep, that's a beer can in my hand. 

{the after-shoot...}

Happily Ever After... I think that is a good way to wrap up the wedding posts. Don't you?

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