October 13, 2011


I'm ready to write about new things. I have a growing list of blog posts I want to write, including weekend trips, outfit posts and lovely time spent with friends... but I promised myself I would finish writing about the wedding first! It would be amazing if someone stumbled across my little blog and one of our budget friendly wedding ideas helped them with their own happy day! Thus, here we go. A little about table numbers...

We wanted to do something rustic and unique for the table numbers; We decided to use house numbers on blocks of wood! At first I tried to find antique brass house numbers, be realized pretty quickly it was not going to be possible to collect THAT many antique brass numbers. My mom found the black iron numbers that we ended up using at the local hardware store. We used old wood skids as the source for the wood.

After my Dad and I measured and cut the wood blocks, Israel and I went to work putting on the numbers. We spent an afternoon coming up with table numbers that had meaning instead of just doing sequential numbers. For example, we had a 99 for his high school football number and a 773 for Chicago's area code (where I spent 5 years). We wrote the meaning of each number on the bottom, which lead to a bit of impromptu trivia at the reception.

For centerpieces I wanted to use lanterns and birdcages. My mom and sister found them at TJ MAXX and Flower Factory. The lanterns even came with flame-less battery operated candles!

{We used ball jars for flowers and sat them atop vintage love stories we had collected at flea markets.}

My sister and i spent an afternoon arranging fake flowers in the birdcages. I'm typically not a fan of fake flowers, but we couldn't figure out how we were going to use real and be able to do it ahead of time. I scoured many stores to find the most real looking fake flowers I could find! {The flowers in the ball jars were real and we arranged them the morning before the wedding.}

{773 = Chicago area code. Dear Chicago, how I miss you}

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  1. Very cool idea. A little trivia, sounds like fun.