October 18, 2011


The details were really important to my Mr. and I. We really wanted the wedding to feel like "us" and for there to be lots of personal touches. We also learned early on that if we were willing to put the work in, and research our options, that we could save a lot of money. I'm going to wrap up the rest of the wedding details and projects in this post (might have to post the pics in two stages). Only two more wedding related posts to go after this, so stay tuned!

{DIY cupcake stands}

{Retro paper straws... I found a great deal on them here.}

{I DIY'd my hanger instead of purchasing one; although, if you'd rather save time there are lovely options available on Etsy!}

{CDs as favors. Music was a big part of our day because my Mr. is a musician.}

{I found someone on Etsy to make a custom stamp!}

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