January 23, 2012


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. The Mr. and I went to DK Diner for donuts and coffee Sunday morning, and then headed to Scott's Antique Market {we left with a few great finds I promise to share later}. Afterward, we spent some quality time on the couch watching football and eating pizza. It was a lovely Sunday. 

I believe my favorite item from this wishlist is the leather butterfly chair from Urban Outfitters... oh how I would love for it to just appear in our little apartment. It's a little steep for our wallets, but maybe it will go on sale?

Today marks 6 months of the Mr. and I being married! Happy half-year anniversary to my wonderful husband. I love you.

1. loving this sweater / 2. Stumptown cold brew {and then you get to keep the bottle} / 3. Old Faithful Shop terrarium  / 
4. leather butterfly chair / 5. I need this hat / 6. prismatic post earrings / 7. adore this tote  / 8. travel toiletry case

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  1. I love the earrings. I think I might start my Christmas 2012 shopping early ;o)
    Happy 6 months!!!