January 25, 2012


This post is for my sister. While we were on the phone last night, she said that I needed to do an outfit post. According to the big sis, it is fine that I have ventured away from my blog strictly being a style blog {more here}, but I have gotten TOO far away from fashion-related posts. So... this one is for my big sister. Kate, I promise to insert a bit more "fashion, recipes, and personal stuff". Big sisters... they know what they are talking about. 

ps. These are my new-ish Warby Parker glasses {talked about here}. I keep forgetting to do a post on the pair I decided on - the Winston Old Fashioned Fade!

The guest bedroom is still a work in progress, so judge us accordingly. And Bailey really likes to be in outfit posts.

old GAP blazer
Malene Birger henley sweater c/o Leal
Tilo scarf c/o Leal
Paige jeans c/o Leal
Report Marks nude booties


  1. Love! I'm a bit shocked that you didn't mention your superior clothes dying knowledge. Which by the way after I cleaned the washing machine and re washed the pants I ended up getting sm bleach spots on them. So now I get to do it all over again.

  2. Glad you took your sister's advice. I do love those glasses!!!!

  3. I love "what I wore" posts! Lovely, indeed.

  4. @Kate, you ran bleach through the washing machine BEFORE you re-washed the pants? Come on now, woman ;)
    @Laurels + marni... Thank you!

  5. I Figured it all out. Sometimes I just need a little help from my friends. xoxo

  6. Martha1/25/2012

    What a cute outfit!

  7. @Stephanitley, Yay! Thank you for signing up :)
    @Martha, Thank you!!! Stop in to see me soon!