April 22, 2012


I am beyond excited about this week's style muse - Natalie Holbrook of NAT THE FAT RAT!  I could barely contain myself when she sent me this gorgeous photo {taken just for us, by Rebecca Baust of THE DAILY MUSE  - what an honor!}.  She was also sweet enough to answer a few questions below! 

Natalie's super successful blog is always honest, often funny, and refreshingly real.  She writes about her day to day life living in New York City with her husband - Brandon, and baby - Huck {Henry}.  After simply spending few moments reading Natalie's blog you feel as if you know her... like she is an old friend.  She also has the kitchen chairs I am coveting, has a beautiful voice {video here}, and shares my love - aka: growing obsession - for bright lipsticks {some of her suggestions here}.

Thank you, Natalie, for being a l+r style muse!!!
l+r: Who are your style muses?
N: I just love the way Miroslava Duma can carry an outfit. She's a small-boned girl like me, but it never seems to get in her way. I also love me a little Alexa Chung.

l+r: How would you describe your personal style?
N: I am a tee shirt and jeans girl all the way. I like things simple. Clean lines, shoes that border on clompy, and one surprising accessory or color to really set it all off. It's actually pretty funny when I think about it. As a kid I lived for a cinched-in waist and a real twirly skirt, but now I find myself drawn to edgier pieces, a kind of more minimal look. If I'm in a dress it's got to be a real bare, simple dress, or else I feel like I'm in costume.

l+r: Where are your favorite places to shop?
N: I'm a total Madewell girl. If I want a piece that will make me feel effortlessly cool, it's Madewell or bust. When I have a little more to spend I like the Barney's CO-OP. Shopping there makes me feel like the girl I like to pretend I am (but can't actually afford to be!). But my very, very favorite place to shop is Forever 21. Oh I am such a fan of the Forever. Something about "the hunt" really appeals to me. When I leave that place I leave sweaty and cross and irritated with my fellow man. Like I really earned every last thing I bought. hah! I worked for it! Also, my husband was a student for five of the nine years we've been married, so the Forever 21 was literally a life saver for me.

l+r: Are there pieces you find yourself wearing constantly?
N: I've been hitting the colored denim trend real hard. Real, real hard. When Target started making them I practically bought them in bulk. Surprisingly, my yellow pair get the most play. I have to remind myself, "Natalie, you've already worn these twice this week," and then physically force myself to PUT DOWN THE YELLOW PANTS. Otherwise, I'd wear them every day, happily. You know, it's surprising how much of the wardrobe looks really great with a pair of yellow pants.

l+r: You seem to always have fun with your wardrobe and express yourself through your style {which I love}. Have you always liked clothes?
N: Aw, thanks! and yes I have! Funny you ask, we were walking past the American Girl doll shop in midtown last week and I was telling my husband that I can't really remember any of the toys I played with as a kid, but I can remember every. last. one. of my favorite twirly dresses. Dressing up has always been exciting for me. Back to school shopping practically trumps Christmas in my book.

l+r: Any advice for bloggers just starting out?
N: I always tell brand new bloggers to do three things:
1. Make your blog beautiful. Hire a designer if you don't know html. Even if you are your only reader, having a beautiful space to write in will make all the difference. 
2. Take beautiful photos. Even if you just have an old point and shoot, learn how to use it, take time to frame your shots, and run them through iphoto or another photo editing program to adjust exposures and color.
3. Take your blog private for the first month and just WRITE. Write whatever! Write your guys out! No fear! Write and write and write until you find your voice. And then, when you find it, go back and revise and delete. Good writing is so important in a good blog, and sadly overlooked these days. I think so many bloggers just feel intimidated, you know? Taking it private sort of removes the fear, lets you practice, give you confidence. 
I get this question a lot from readers, so I've had time to think it through! hah!

The above photo of Natalie was taken at Alt Summit, and it spread on Pinterest like wildfire {I was one of those pinners!}. How did it feel to be trending on Pinterest, Natalie?


  1. Love Natalie's clogs!!!

  2. She is one of my most favorite bloggers EVER! and has the best style. I'm glad that you did this post, or I would have never found you. I'm off to search the rest of this blog!

  3. I'm a HUGE Natalie fan and just got to meet her (commence gushing....) - this was a great article and I'm thrilled to have found your site in the process! :)

  4. Awesome spotlight on her! Ditto on the 2nd comment....so glad I came across your blog via Nat's tweet! Take care!

    The Mrs. and The Momma

  5. @ JEREMYandCHELSEA, She is wonderful - I agree :) I appreciate you searching the rest of my blog, and hope you found some other things you enjoyed! Thank you for taking the time to comment!

    @sheri1217, Glad you got to meet her! Thank you for the comment on the article, and I am thrilled you found me as well :) I really appreciate the sweet words.

    @The Mrs. and The Momma, Thanks so much!!! I'm very glad you stopped by my blog and hope you visit again, Kristen! xo

  6. Came over via NatTheFatRat blog - great interview...Nat has great style and a fun sense of humour - love her blog! your blog is great too!

    1. Thank you, Anastasia! Natalie made it easy to make the interview good :) Stop back!

  7. awww, i absolutely love nat! she is beyond perfect! and what a fun q&a!! :)
    xo TJ

    1. Thanks for the comment, @His Little Lady! Stop back soon :) xo

  8. I just found you via Nat and I am loving your blog!

    1. Thank you, Rhonda! I am so glad :) Thank you for the comment!