April 16, 2012


How was your weekend, friends? We had good one. I worked on Saturday, but had Friday off... and it was a wonderful, perfect day off. The Mr and I had lunch at Bar Louie - a place that always reminds me of my time living in Chicago because of the way it opens to the outside like many of the bars and restaurants there {I wish more places were like that here in Columbus}. Our food was wonderful and the weather was perfect for sitting outside. 

After stuffing ourselves we walked to North Market and stopped by our friend Brittany's pretzel shop - Brezel. Brittany is from the same little hometown as the Mr and me, and how cool is it that she started her own business. Brezel's hand-rolled Bavarian-style pretzels are simply delicious, so if you're in the Columbus area you must try them! Brittany's manager was sweet enough to pretend I wasn't there and let me snap some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

This was followed by a little shopping at the mall {both trying to find jeans with no luck}, an impromptu dinner at the cutest little place in Gahanna {we were there so the Mr could sell a guitar}, and disc two of a documentary tv series we're watching called Long Way Round. There was even a nap in there somewhere, which I never indulge in, and it was so nice. 

Like I said, a perfect day off.

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  1. oh my goodness, those fish tacos look amazing and the pretzels.... wow. I'm gonna have to have one of those!!!!