April 13, 2012


These are just a few things I came across this week through the eyes of my laptop.
Happy weekend, friends!  I hope it's wonderful.

The No6 store...found via Miss Moss.

This new to me blog - eatsleepcuddle, with fabulous photography and recipes. 
And although the author lives in California... she's from Ohio!

I wish I was standing here taking this photo.    

I think I would live in this grey jersey maxi dress by C&C California.

I would kill {not literally} to have either one of these in my closet, but especially the one with brown sleeves.
{photo on left via Vanessa Jackman / photo on right}

Mary Kate McDevitt journal...available for presale here.

The Galileo scarf by scout and catalog.

Dreaming of this sweet potato veggie burger with avocado found via pinterest.

I am not a doormat, doormat. I want this for our front door.

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  1. I love that grey jersey dress too and would love being there taking that same picture of the deer. I also think the sweet potato veggie burger looks amazing. I want it NOW!!!!