March 23, 2012


Isn't this weather just crazy? I'm certainly not complaining, but I'm not ready for summer weather! Spring is my favorite season and we seem to have skipped it! Ok... I guess I am complaining a bit. I have this thing about dressing season appropriate. It's sort of funny, really. I see girls in tank tops and shorts and just way to say - it's not summer {I would say it in the nicest way possible}. I don't believe in wearing sandals until at least May...maybe June. And this weather is messing with my self-imposed rule big time. My sandals are still in a tub in the top of my closet...I'm just not ready for them. 

This time of year {when it's too hot for boots, but not quite sandal time either} I have a really hard time getting dressed due to my lack of "spring" shoes! I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but... I have big feet. There, I said it. 
I wear a size 10-1/2, and here is wear the problem lies: hardly any brands make a 10-1/2 and some stop at size 10. In the winter I can just buy size 11 boots and wear heavy socks or put a pad in them... and in the summer I'm good because 10s work in anything with an open toe. But spring... spring is hard because flats have to fit perfectly; you can't just buy them big because you walk out of them. The best is when I find a brand that just runs a little big and the 10s fit. It's always a happy day for me when that happens. Shopping for shoes is sort of traumatic experience for me because of this. Not easy at all. I order most of my shoes online and often go through 5 - 6 pairs before I find one that works. I love shoes so, but they just don't love me. Wouldn't you like to know who decided to stop making half sizes at 9-1/2? I sure would. 

Now that I've forced you to read a novel about my shoe size... here are a few spring outfits I've managed over the last two weeks. Thank you for all of your sweet feedback about my first post like this. I truly appreciate it, and I'll try to be better about sharing personal style photos.

The Mr. and I are headed home this weekend because his sister, her hubby, and our adorable niece will be in town from NC! We can't wait to see them. I can't wait to give my niece, Zoey, a big squeeze. We love her so.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Cute!!! Especially love the oxfords (shirt and shoes) and the stripes!