March 13, 2013


I blogged about finding a leather tote back in September.  At the time, I basically just wanted a leather tote as my new handbag.  I have yet to make that purchase - and it's a good thing, because now I need a tote for work and I've realized I need something a bit different!  Something I can load up with lots of stuff and not worry about the handles breaking... something I can throw on the floor at work, or at a photo shoot, and not worry about it getting dirty. 

What do you think?  Do you have other suggestions?  I've been searching and searching.  All of these (with the exception of the last three) are waxed canvas, which I love, but as you can see below they can get pretty pricey.  I adore the Filson tote, but I'm just not sure it's big enough to fit my laptop and everything else I'd want to toss in there.  The L.L. Bean and Lands End bags are definitely a good quality and value, but are they too preppy for me?  Or maybe just classic?  I do like that you can customize your own at L.L Bean, by choosing strap colors, adding a zipper, etc. 

Oh... the big decisions in life.

Stanley & Sons ($207) | Filson (leather straps: $110, tin cloth: $90) | Artifact Bag Co ($145) 
Strawfoot Handmade ($198) | L.L. Bean (sz large starts at $32.95) | Lands End ($37.50) | Carhartt (?)


  1. I like them all, but I would want one with at least one pocket on the outside. I think my favorite is the Filson in the big picture.

  2. I got the L.L. Bean bag for Christmas and love it. It's the perfect size for lugging my lunch/change of shoes/odds and ends all over Chicago. It is a little preppy, but the rest of my look doesn't tend to be so it balances out.

    1. I appreciate the comment and input!!! That is really helpful to know :) Did you get the "Large" size?