March 15, 2013


Happy Friday, friends!
I haven't been very good about instagram or twitter lately...
and when I started gathering what few instagram pics I had, 
I realized it appears all we do is drink and eat! 
Now, while there is a fair share of that going on...
I assure you, it's not all that we do.
Apparently, just all we do worth documenting (*wink wink).

Work hard.  Play hard.

Have a wonderful weekend full of playing.

a little on the above...

the talented Mr. Israel Martin (that'd be my husband) // a wonderful evening with friends
a high school football pic of my Mr. that makes me smile daily // breakfast at one of our fav places
Bailey has rediscovered the faucet // World of Beer
a rare occurrence = being able to make it to Friday happy hour = the Mr. headed into our standby
The Pearl for my mom's wonderful birthday dinner  // guest blogging for Capital Style
the Mr. has perfected our favorite drink // a fire + Moscow Mule + friends in town
a perfect Sunday evening is being able to sit on a patio // jeni's ice cream (my new pick is pistachio)
brunch tacos at Local Cantina // photo shoots require comfy clothes

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