September 11, 2012


Hi. Hello there!  Did you miss me?  What's that... you didn't notice I was gone?  Well, Bailey missed me!  We are spending a little quality time on the couch together this morning working through a list of things {don't judge that I obviously still have my sweats on}.  Things like opening the pile of mail, paying bills {blah!}, replying to emails, and catching up on my favorite blogs.  Oh, and uploading all of the pictures we took on our trip! I promise to edit them down and not bombard you with all of them.

{he even loves the remote when he's sleeping}

I felt really bad for the Mr. this morning when he had to get up and head to work at 8am {5am in Seattle + Portland, where we spent the last 10 days, and had finally acclimated to the time difference}.  Israel, I promise to be all sorts of productive today while you are at work... unpacking and laundry will happen...  right after I'm done spending some quality time on the couch with Bailey.  Much later this afternoon.

While I work, I'm listening to the new album by The Tallest Man On Earth, thanks to Jessica.


  1. The Bailey pics are priceless and just so you know, I missed you too ;o)

  2. Can't wait to see pics and hear all about it! Welcome Home!