September 28, 2012


Happy Friday, friends.
I think I'm way past due to play the glad game.

I am glad for the following... 

> being challenged, and learning, at work.
> wearing my favorite sweater for the first time.
> a few really good, meaningful conversations that made me think.
> a really sweet, honest, and encouraging email from a new blog friend.
> tortilla soup for lunch {El Vaquero, there is a place in Pittsburgh that could give you a run for your money}.
> I'll soon be sleeping in my own bed, and not be kept awake by loud hotel neighbors {seriously, 4 of the 5 nights here... ugh}
> the white noise app on my iphone I found this week {it came in handy at 12am, 1am & 2am... I'm not bitter ;)}.
> the bottle of wine I brought with me this week {see above two}.
> going to bed last night knowing I'll see my Mr. tomorrow.
> this view on my way into Pittsburgh Sunday night.

What are you glad for?
Have a wonderful weekend, friends.


  1. I am glad for: my daughter and her Mr. (my wonderful son-in-law)coming home for a weekend, buying a car this next week, my daughter Kate never caring when I call her at 7:30-8:00am on my way to work and Friday nights.... dinner out wit my Mr. ;o)

  2. There were times that I wasn't glad for much last week....but I was glad to have you there!