September 27, 2012


Just a few images that are getting me excited for fall clothes...
and making me want to shop {don't tell my husband}.
I love every single thing in every single one of these images... 
except maaaybe the shoes in the eighth outfit.
I'm still deciding about those.

{shoes...yes or no?}
{sources here >>> pinterest}


  1. Hello lovely + rust! I loved EVERY image here but I'm thinking the shoes in pic 8 are a least for this girl. Today I dressed like pic 2, but I really want to be the girl in pic 3 (her boots are too fabulous to ignore). And isn't Emmanuelle Alt just the most stylish tomboy chic woman ever?!

    1. Brenda, I think the shoes in pic 8 are a no for this girl, too ;) And I'm with you... I typically dress more like pic 2, but wish I was sometimes more classic like pic 3 (her boots are to die for!). And, yes Emmanuelle Alt is fabulous - agreed!!! :) xo