October 1, 2012


Nikki Portman is the creator and mastermind behind the Columbus Flea.  Before I even met Nikki I respected and admired her for starting the Flea... Nikki is one of those people that act on their great ideas, instead of just talking about it like a lot of us.  After I met her, I could add to that list of qualities I admire and like {not to mention she's just really cool... like, sings in a local band kind of cool}.  

What started as the "Summer Flea" has grown quickly to include a Spring and Fall Flea, thus the name change {and it's still growing}.  All three fleas feature a wide variety of handmade jewelry, original artwork, antiques, vintage clothing, unique crafts, and more!  The Fall Flea will take place this Sunday, October 7th from 11am - 5pm at the Seventh Son Brewing Company parking lot {1101 N. 4th St. in Italian Village}. Proceeds from the outdoor markets benefit Mid-Ohio Foodbank.

Thank you, Nikki, for being a L+R Style Muse!  And for introducing me to my new favorite drink {at the Rossi}.  And for my fabulous Flea Bag {modeled by Nikki below}.  It has already made its way to Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and my little hometown.  

L+R:  How would you describe your personal style?
NP:  It can be pretty random at times.  I like to mix modern and vintage and I like finding ways to carry my favorite pieces throughout the seasons, so you’ll often find me in dresses or shorts and tights with big sweaters. 

L+R:  Where are your favorite places to shop?
NP:  LadybirdMadewell, Thrift Stores, and my seasonal flea market events

L+R:  Are there pieces in your wardrobe you find yourself wearing constantly?
NP:  Oh yes.  I have a crazy Navajo sweater that’s become sort of a signature for me.  Every time I see a picture of myself in it, I’m like “I swear I have other clothes,” but it’s my favorite-what can I say?  Also, my buffalo check flannel, and of course, my jean shorts…worn to death, they’re a part of me. 

L+R:  Your favorite fashion "find"?
NP:  I found a black Christian Dior chiffon skirt with accordion pleats at the thrift store for $4.99.  SCORE!

L+R:  Who is your favorite band?
NP:  Calling out a favorite is tough, but to name a few of my current loves: Ty Segall, Kurt Vile, and Beach House.  Oh, and Divine Fits (go get ‘em Sam Brown!).

L+R:  Tell Lovely + Rust readers a little about what lead you to start the Columbus Flea?
NP:  When I was little and we would visit my grandparents in Florida, my grandma would take us to the outdoor flea markets (you know the real classy ones with the airbrush tees and gold plated chain spools) and I LOVED that.  And now I go to New York somewhat frequently, whether it’s to visit my sister and brother-in -law, or my friends , or for work, and I spend time at the Brooklyn Flea or hitting up the various street vendors and the jewelry market in Nolita.  And it occurred to me on one or more of these visits how much I wished that we had a little of this going on in Columbus.  It wasn’t until I was in between jobs during the dead of Winter in 2009 that I found the time to brainstorm what a flea market in Columbus might look like.  I wanted to create an environment that combined the cool, well-curated Brooklyn Flea feel with a hint of the tacky (in the best possible way) Florida markets that I loved so much as a kid.  I like to call it my up-scale dirt mall, and it came to life it August of 2010 with the help of my buds Erica Anderson, Tony Collinger, and Aaron Beck J 

L+R:  What are your favorite spots in Columbus?
NP:  Ace of Cups for drinks and music. The El Camino Inn for chicken tacos (I’m newly addicted). The Rossi for my favorite pizza and cocktail menu in town.

L+R:  Three beauty products you can't live without?
NP:  - YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick (I have 5 shades)
        - Morrocan Oil for my hair and skin
        - Le Labo Cologne in Patchouli

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  1. Love the vintage boots and I would totally have the bracelet. Columbus Flea - Very Cool!!!