September 24, 2012


Hey there, hi there. I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. We had a wonderful time in Cleveland Friday night at our friends' engagement party. {Congrats again, LB and BP!} Then Sunday afternoon I hit the road for Pittsburgh again... making it to the hotel just in time to see the red carpet arrivals for the Emmys. And boy was it chilly when I stepped out of my car. Fall has most definitely arrived.

Finish this sentence: When fall is in the air, I get excited for ______________.
I would answer it like this:

candy corn 
apple cider
my Minnetonkas
pumpkin flavored everything...
+ sweaters

Based on my recent posts, I think you can probably tell fall fashion is on my mind. And there is nothing better than a cream chunky knit or slouchy sweater. I have a mild obsession. At one point way back, I had too many to count. But over the years {after cutting myself off from buying more} my collections has whittled itself down to nothing. We need to remedy that. 

one. / two.three. / four. /

The below Free People sweater is my favorite, but unfortunately it's from a previous season and even my super-human-google-shopping-skills can't locate it.


  1. When fall is in the air, I get excited for scarves and other knits! And pumpkin carving, apple cider drinking and potential apple recipes! Love the knits!

    1. I forgot about scarves (I have a mild obsession)! AND apple cider... oh how I love apple cider. Don't you wish fall was three times as long?!

      Thank you for the comment :)

  2. I get excited for new boots + handknit beanie hats (from my aunt) :). Although I'm currently on a hunt to replace my beloved JCrew fisherman sweater so I'm drooling over the cream options you have here. Have you also seen Zara's "Jumper with Open Back" sweater in cream? I picked it up on Friday and and can't wait to rock it with some skinny jeans and oh yeah, new ankle boots!

    1. I want a hand knit beanie to get excited about! How nice :) My favorite fisherman sweater was from JCrew, too! But it was a goner years ago. I just looked at that Zara sweater... SO cute!!!