August 2, 2012


I've been saving green wine bottles, but have no idea why. I just decided I liked the green glass and was going to use them for something {hoarding?}. I don't know why I thought you needed proof, but here is the photographic evidence.

I suppose I was thinking of using them for vases or something, but now I have a new plan! Wait for it...

A few weeks ago when I was at Amy's house {more here}, she had these beautiful recycled wine bottle tumblers. It was love at first sight. She bought hers at a fabulous store {Enjoy Co} in Granville, but I told her how I'd be saving bottles and she recommended taking them to a glass shop to have them cut. Brilliant! 

Since then I've searched out my options - just to make sure. There are a lot of DIY tutorials out there, but you have to buy a glass cutter and quite frankly I'm a bit accident prone. I could just purchase them... there are Etsy stores and shops aplenty; however, after finding this post {she said they only charged her $3.50 per glass to cut them!} I think the glass shop route is where it's at. Not only is it the cheapest option, but then I get to use those bottles I've hoarded. Now we're talking.

{Bottlehood - about $40 for 4}

Just a little note: I soak the bottles in a pot of hot soapy water, usually over night. If there is any residue left - Goo Gone is a miracle product.


  1. Love this idea! Might look into a glass cutter...plenty of empty bottles to practice on since I work at a bar. Thanks!

  2. I'm gonna start doing this.... I think blue!