July 31, 2012


... Minnetonka Moccasins. 

I purchased my first pair of Minnetonkas about eight years ago. A pair of fringe boots with interchangeable accents that you could snap on {the "3-in-1 calf high boot"}. My second purchase was a pair of classic suede moccasins, followed by my 
favorite - a pair of Thunderbird boat sole moccasins.

My love for my first pair of Minnetonka boots has faded {fickle love}, and they now have a pretty permanent place in my closet - rarely making their way out. So... this fall my first order of business is to replace them with the Tramper boot {below}. Other future plans include: black fringe boots, and a second pair of Thunderbirds {in cognac}.

All those years ago when I bought those first boots, the Minnetonka website was pretty old-school and basic. As time has passed, I've found it somewhat odd that their website was never updated. When Minnetonka fringe boots became increasingly popular with celebrities and fashion bloggers... still the old website. When Minnetonka started showing up at Urban Outfitters, Free People, American Eagle, etc... still the old website. Needless to say I was very excited when I checked their website yesterday to plot my next purchase and... New Website!!!  I'm not sure when all of this happened, but... Yay, Minnetonka! The new site is amazing. You can now follow them on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, too!  I did all of the above immediately. 

Oh Minnetonka, I am your biggest fan.


  1. You do love those Minnetonkas! Me too!

  2. I saw a pair of moccasins in some teen magazine over 10 years ago and I've always wanted some since, but never have bought any. I love that first pair though.