October 27, 2012


Happy Saturday!  

I'm going to start day two of boot weekend talking about the one thing I am constantly on the hunt for, but have yet to find - vintage boots.  I absolutely love vintage boots, but it's virtually impossible to find them in my size {yes, whining again}.  You see, vintage shoes typically run smaller.  A size 10 back then is smaller than a size 10 now, so I basically need to find 11's... which they just didn't make much of.  Jealousy definitely rears its ugly head when I see gals rocking vintage boots.  But I hold out hope!

Weekend wear {my version}... I'll start with biker boots.  I have # 7 below, and love them.  The Mr. also gifted me this pair of Frye Harness boots about five years ago, and while I love them AND asked for them, I don't find myself wearing them often because they're so heavy and clunky {sorry, honey!}.  I think this Frye pair below {# 8} look soft. They also have a back zip so, unlike mine, I'd imagine it isn't a workout just to get them on {I literally have to stomp my way into mine}.  I sound so ungrateful, don't I?  I promise I'm not!  

You know the boots you throw on Sunday morning to grab brunch when you can't force yourself into anything that comes close to having a heel.  Comfy boots.  For me... you know I'm a big fan - it's always my Minnetonkas {# 12 - 14} because they have soft soles, and I feel like I'm still wearing my slippers.  I also think # 10 + 11 look like great options.  Just pull them on and go.  

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