July 12, 2012


I'm so {said with emphasis} excited to share L R's next style muse - Jamie Lyn of Ax + Apple.  If you type "Ax + Apple" into the little search field in the right sidebar, you'll get an idea of just how big of a fan I truly am.  I talked about their latest line hereand recently added one of their new-ish cast bronze pieces to my collection.  Is it bad that I'm already planning my next purchase?

Ax + Apple is the bees knees.  And Jamie Lyn is just too cool for school.  She's like that girl in high school you felt cool for being friends with.  And if you're wondering if that means I feel cool... why yes, yes I do.

Thank you, Jamie, for being a Style Muse... AND for answering all of the questions inquiring minds want to know {see interview below}!  You must check out the website, follow Jamie Lyn on twitter + instagram {under "axandapple"}, and like the Ax + Apple facebook page!

L&R:  Who are your style muses or icons?
J:  There isn't any one person I pay attention to more than another.  I pay attention to everything.  I try to draw inspiration from the places I live, and the style attached to those places.  I read magazines, and I am pretty immersed in pop culture. Instagram and Tumblr are great sources for fashion news.  I follow bloggers like Natalie Suarez (@natalieoffduty) and Julie Sarinana (@sincerelyjules).  The rest is random, and wide spanning.  I think that helps to keep it fresh.  I take in as much information as I can, process it, and hope it comes out in a way that is genuinely "me".  

L&R:  How would you describe your personal style?
J:  Laid Back.  Comfortable.  Heavily accessorized!  I am big into juxtaposition... edgy and soft.  Thrifted and designer.  Neon and neutral.  Torn and tailored.  I think taking two extremes and butting them up against each other is the easiest trick to creating an stimulating look.  It's the basis for a lot of my designs.

L&R:  Where are your favorite places to shop?
J:  Any thrift or antique store, USA. There is something about the rush of finding a thrift store gem that is like a drug to me.  For new duds, I love Zara.

L&R:  Are there pieces in your wardrobe you find yourself wearing constantly?
J:  Jeans and cut-up tees are pretty much my day to day uniform.  That or a long cotton maxi dress.  

L&R:  Since I've known you (been a fan of your jewelry) since you were getting started, I would say you have stayed true to your roots, but always stayed fresh.  How would you say Ax + Apple has evolved since you started? and how do you constantly think of new designs?
J:  In the beginning, Ax+Apple was all one of a kinds.  It all started with repurposed findings and chain.  As the demand grew, I realized I was going to have to come up with designs that I could recreate.  So, I took a basic soldering workshop and started banging on some metal to see what would happen.  The earliest designs were all very basic.  Hammered wire and such.  Every season I tried to inject a new material or technique.  Beading, casting natural material, and most recently wax carving (that is then casted in bronze).  The wax has really brought things to a new level for me as a designer, because for the first time I am able to actually get ideas that are all my own out into the metal.  Before it was more about curating.  Now, it is truly about creating something that did not exist before.

L&R:  How would you describe an Ax + Apple girl?
J: Magical.  Adventurous.  True. 

L&R:  Have you always liked jewelry? How did you start designing it?
J:  I have always been a jewelry girl.  I remember when I was in high school, I wore a silver ring on every finger and at one point my mother told me I would be grounded if I got any more holes in my ears.  I pierced my belly button with a safety pin when I was 15.  I just wanted to wear as much jewelry as I could possibly attach to my body.   

I started designing jewelry at a pretty early age too.  I always had a tackle box full of beads and shells and thread.  I didn't start officially designing jewelry until years later, but it was always there in the background, no matter what job I had at the time.

L&R:  How do you like to spend your time when you're not working?
J:  That's a funny question, because I feel like I am always working even when I'm not working.  If I'm not in the studio I am out in the world trying to find inspiration or source new material.  That could mean scouring an antique store or a river bed or getting together with other artist pals and talking about what we should work on next.  Work is a concept that doesn't mean much to me.  I have been blessed to find my passion and make a living doing it.  Ax+Apple isn't just a job to me.  It is a lifestyle.  Work is life.  Life is art.  It is who I am.

L&R:  You've already done SO well... "made it" so to speak. What are some of your wishes and dreams for Ax + Apple or yourself?
J:  BLUSH!!!!  Well, I don't know if I feel that way but I am flattered you would phrase it that way.  I am moving operations to LA in the Fall, and I hope to start a whole new chapter of wonderful-ness out there.  It has been calling to me for some time.  I hope to take things to the next level there.  Tees and totes have been a rolling thought for a few seasons now, just waiting for the right time to incorporate it in.  I think ultimately I want Ax+Apple to be a lifestyle brand, offering everything from jewels and duds to a thoughtfully curated selection of housewares.  Eventually, I imagine brick and mortar as well.  So much work to do!!  

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