July 25, 2012


Hi, friends. I'm sorry I have been absent since Monday. I need to be better about getting a few days ahead of myself with posts... have some stored up and ready to go. The last few days have been very busy. Monday evening the Mr. and I celebrated our anniversary with a fun dinner out, followed by a movie at home, and a cheap bottle of champagne from Trader Joe's. {In my humble opinion you can get away with cheap wine, but champagne is usually a different story; however, this champagne from Trader Joe's for $6.99 proved me wrong... Yummy!} 

Yesterday I spent the entire day at Skipping Rock Farm for the Capital Style "Fall Fashion" photo shoot, with the lovely ladies of Wardrobe TherapyThe location, the model, the outfits... all perfection. I can't wait to see the finished product when the issue comes out! It was wonderful day, and it was so nice to be back at one of my favorite places {a bit about my first visit here}. 

This morning Bailey had an appointment at the vet, and it was quite the traumatizing experience {he was so scared and it was so sad}. He's been sneezing really bad since last Thursday, which I realize sounds pretty minor, but the Mr. and I figured better safe than sorry. He also hasn't been to the vet in almost six years, so we figured he could use a check up! Poor Bailey... he is really bad in cars {REALLY bad} and when I tried to put him in his carrier this morning, his claws went into me and he hung on for dear life. If you guys are regular readers of my blog, you know Bailey is our baby. If you're not a pet person, this probably sounds silly, but it's the truth. He is just awesome. He is a giant cuddle muffin who sleeps in our bed and acts like a dog. We just adore him. 

So... the vet wanted to do some additional tests {blood work}, and we'll know more tomorrow. Until then, I'll be crossing my fingers, saying prayers, and cuddling with my big orange fur ball as much as he'll let me.

ps. Our big ole' maine coon weighs 14 lbs!!!

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