July 23, 2012


I can't believe it's already been a year.

Did you all freeze wedding cake for your first anniversary? The Mr.'s Aunt Marti made our delicious wedding cake, and since there was nothing left to freeze, this weekend she made us this sweet little cake that looked like it might have been the top of our 3 tier wedding cake. It was filled with raspberry and it was oh-so-good. Thank you, Aunt Marti!

Since I've shared a lot of wedding photos over the year, I feel like you have to be sick of seeing them. Ok, Molly... we've seen enough. Right? Well, last night I took a picture of the pretty cake Aunt Marti made {before we demolished it}.  I thought I would share a photo of that today instead of another wedding picture. {And right now you're thinking..."but this is not a picture of the cake".} Well, we were so exhausted from a weekend spent camping + celebrating with friends and family... and when I looked at the photo this morning on my phone - it was bad. I mean "bad" as in I-must-have-been-asleep-when-took-this-blurry-photo-BAD. That kind of bad. 

So, this will be the last wedding photo I post. I promise {at least for a VERY long time}. 
And if you really want to see a blurry picture of the cake now, you can see it on my instagram {lovelyandrust}. 

I am so incredibly lucky and blessed.
Happy Anniversary, husband.
I love you with all of my heart.


  1. Happy Anniversary Molly and Iz!!!! xoxo