February 2, 2012


What are you up to this weekend, folks? I have to work on Saturday, but looking forward to my friend's birthday dinner Saturday evening... good food and great company. There isn't much better than eating a home cooked meal, drinking wine, and catching up with dear friends. Any big plans for the Super Bowl? I get pretty excited about the commercials and... let's face it... the food.

{image from my birthday dinner, January 10th 2012}

This week I started using Twitter {only a few years behind}... had tacos with my Mr. at our favorite taco truck... made french toast for dinner...and found a lot of inspiration on the blogoshphere.

I found this adorable site via Emmadime, and I am in love. I secretly wish I was cool enough to grace its pages {when we have a child, of course!}

This post by the lovely Jessica Prince of Odessa May Society. Carly Waito's paintings are insane in the best way.

I loved this article I found via Natalie {of blog - Nat the Fat Rat}on Twitter, also written by Natalie. I don't tweet often, but I did retweet her tweet. I am learning!

My pin on pinterest that had the most repins this week was this perfect shirt. Found via Wit + Delight's tumblr page.

I ordered myself this bag from fieldguided. I talked about it here.

I'm obsessed with this candle I ordered at this candle party. It smells soooo good.

Spoiler alert: You might see these next items featured in a currently coveting feature in the near future.
How cool are these bird smoke detectors, and I really want this laundry bag, and I think I need at least two of the nine colors available in this blazer I found at UO {when it goes on sale}!

Last, but certainly not least... you should make these, these, and these for your commercial-watching-Super-Bowl-party. And make this guacamole recipe from my friend, the queen of guacamole.

There are many bloggers that do this sort of weekend round up; things they found throughout the week... links to share. I don't think I'll probably do this EVERY Friday, but you will see these week recaps again. Hopefully I'll figure out a way to put my own personal stamp on them. I certainly can't compete with the ladies that have been doing them so well for so long.

Happy weekend, friends!

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