February 21, 2012


As you can see by the Christmas decor, this photo was taken some time ago. Just goes to show how long I've been planning on a feature like this.

Style Muse #2 is lovely lady - Cydney Louis Schaumburg. Cydney and I first worked together about four or five years ago at the store, and I am beyond thrilled to have her back.  In those years after she abandoned me {insert winking face} Cyd moved to Philadelphia and worked as a buyer for Urban Outfitters, and most importantly - married the wonderful Mr. Schaumburg {My Mr. and I had the most wonderful time at their wedding in Jackson Hole, WY}.
Cydney has impeccable taste in fashion and home decor; you can check it out for yourself on her blog.  She is a fabulous mother to their cutie pie pooch {Lev}, can eat more Tommy's pizza than me, and always has the best new nail polish and lipsticks.  She introduced me Warby Parker here, and made my birthday at work extra special here. Cydney is a thoughtful + generous gal, a hard worker, and my very dear friend.

Thank you, Cydney, for being my second Style Muse!

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