January 11, 2012


Thank you a million times over for the birthday wishes yesterday. It was *such a wonderful day, that began the previous evening with a lemon cake from my Mr. and concluded with a movie {Midnight in Paris} which ended precisely as my birthday did, at the stroke of midnight. There was a lot in the middle: a red velvet cake + this gold wishbone from my sweet friend at work... a beautiful bouquet from the Mr... dinner + wine + conversation with some of my closest friends... and all of your birthday wishes! It's worth repeating... *such a wonderful day.

Lately I find myself spending a bit too much time on pinterest. I so easily get sucked in and lose myself amidst the inspiring images. Below are just a few that have found their way to my "home" board.


{all images found via pinterest / original source credited below}
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  1. Margie1/11/2012

    Love it all, but THE DUCK !!! Love, love, love ! Thank you for sharing ! I'm thrilled that your birthday was wonderful ! xoxoxo

  2. @Margie, Thank you! haha...I loved the duck so much I picked out a couple of my Dad's old decoys last time we were visiting. You'll see them next time you're here ;) xoxo