November 7, 2012


Did you stay up watching the election coverage? I think it was about 1:00am when we turned off the tv, and stopped reading our twitter feeds. Twitter was crazy ya'll. There was one tweet I wanted to reply to so badly, and this morning I was so glad I didn't let myself get sucked in.  I could say much more about this {in fact, I've now typed and deleted full paragraphs}, but I don't like to talk politics on social media.  I guess I'm sort of old fashioned that way?  And on that note, let's talk about less important things...

I have an affinity for green army jackets...  These include, but are not limited to: an army surplus shirt from the local surplus store, a lightweight shirt jacket from American Eagle that I wear all spring and summer long {I actually lost it on our honeymoon, called around when we got back, found it and drove 40 minutes to re-purchase it.}, and a lightweight anorak from the GAP that is my go to jacket when it starts getting chilly. 

BUT I need want a warmer fall / winter version of that GAP anorak... something with lining, and maybe faux fur trim.  And it must come to mid thigh or longer.  I hate being cold, so in my opinion - there is nothing worse than a short winter coat.  I want my tush covered and my legs warm!  

These are a few in the running...

Zara Cotton Parka with lining and faux leather trim - $169

What do you guys think?  Are they so similar you can't tell a difference?  I'm leaning toward the Asos parka, but my question still stands about She Inside; has anyone ever ordered from there?  I like so much stuff, but the quality and international shipping just scare me.  

ps. If you read yesterday's election day post, you know I didn't get my beloved sticker after I voted.  Well, you can rest easy now... the Mr. snuck an extra one for me.

**UPDATE**  I purchased this Asos parka, but sadly, it ended up going back.  The fit was really odd, and the color was bad in person. Overall - just not flattering or all that cute. Still hunting!!!


  1. love the first and last. how tall are you? the oversized could possibly drown you if you're not model tall ;)
    and I am still tempted to order from sheinside as well... i've ordered from yesstyle before and they are located in asia as well. shipping was super quick and not a problem at all. quality varied a lot!!! i got a cardigan that i never wore because the quality was horrible but shoes that are good and a few other things that were good for the price as well.

    1. I think the last one is a bit more timeless, do you think? You are right though... it might be too long and overwhelming. I'm 5'7 on a good day ;) so not super tall. Let's promise each other to let the other know if we order from She Inside. It also worries me that some sweaters are O/S instead of being sized... Have a good weekend! xo

  2. I like the Zara and Asos ones the best. Both equally cute!

    1. Thanks for you input!!! :) I agree! xo