October 19, 2012


Happy Friday, folks.  Have a wonderful weekend!
These are the things I am loving this week.

I heart this sweater from She Inside.  In fact, most of the sweaters I am loving are from She Inside.  
Have any of you ever ordered from them?  I'm a little nervous to do so... 

I also adore this sweater from Vince, that I found via blissful blog.  I just wish it wasn't so darn expensive.

I saw this pillow on sale at Target, but decided to wait. 
Now I'm kicking myself, because when I went back for it - it was sold out.

It would be amazing to stumble upon a find like this cabinet at a flea market or antique store...

My favorite style pin on Pinterest this week.  I would wear a version of this every day if I could. 

I don't typically buy colored shoes, but these green suede boots would work as a neutral.  
I might need them in my life.  

I wish I was eating this pumpkin breakfast sandwich right now.
How cool is this hoodie with leather sleeves.  I'm coveting it big time.  
I have to be able to DIY this, right?!

This flask is all sorts of fabulous. And it's on sale right now at Urban!
I have a bit of a lipgloss addiction.  There is a strong possibility I have a leather pouch in my bag {packed so full I almost can't zip it shut} filled with just lipsticks and glosses.  This set has a $79 value, with $25 price tag!  What a perfect gift.  {hint, hint... Mr. Martin}  

And I leave you with this.  Because, well... it's adorable and I love cats.


  1. That kitten looks like our Suds when he was little. So cute.

  2. I totally want to know about She Inside as well. I love so much on that site but I'm afraid to order as well...

    1. Anonymous10/25/2012

      Sophie, It is our mission to find out... :)

  3. I hate to admit this, but I keep coming back to this post just to see this precious cat. :) That Vince sweater isn't helping either. Haha.

    1. haha! Don't you just wish you had that sweater on, and that kitty curled up in your lap?! :)