July 2, 2012


How about those storms over the weekend? The Mr. made it home from work Friday right before the sky turned black and looked all "Wizard of Oz" outside. I feel so bad for all of the people without power, especially in this heat. Some of the folks in Columbus aren't scheduled to get power back until July 7th! And all of the stores with all of that wasted frozen food. Ugh. What about you? I feel oh-so guilty to say that we never went without power. We were are very lucky.

We had discussed taking a little road trip Saturday, and decided to stick with the plan despite the storms and heat. We didn't have any specific destination, just lots of possibilities swimming in our heads. Our only plan was to stop when one of us saw somewhere we wanted to go... antique shops or whatever else we landed upon. When we got to our first exit, we picked East or West, and off we went. Just us and one small straw tote packed with the essentials {like our toothbrushes} in case we stayed the night somewhere. 

We started with lunch in Circleville... and ended back in Columbus by 8pm. Straw bag and packed toothbrushes unnecessary because so many of the towns did not have power, which meant lack of places to eat or shops open. To make it sound like this dampened the day in any way would be wrong though {well, if you don't count feeling awful for the people in those towns}. 

It was a wonderful day spent exploring without any plans or any place we had to be. Like those carefree days of summer when we were young. Gosh, I miss those. 

In Rio Grande, we stopped so I could take pictures of storm damage... trees completely uprooted and blown over. It made me feel sad, and I actually felt bad taking the pictures {but I obviously did it anyway}; it was just too crazy not to!


for today anyway. 
Friends, I took too many pictures to not split this up. 
A fun day spent learning to use my camera, indeed. 

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. Loved the pictures.